Aneel Murarka spearheads cricket fever: Police Vs Tele Celebs


Mumbai: As the cricket season kick starts Industrialist and Philanthropist Aneel Murarka organizes a match amalgamating Cricket with Entertainment and the real life heroes, The Indian Police Force.

Setting the tone for the cricket season, the motive of the cricket match is to honor the Police officers who provide protection to the general public letting their life take a back seat. They work for local or state police departments and perform a variety of duties, including patrolling neighborhoods, directing traffic and investigating crimes.

Innovative, Unique and Entertaining were the synonyms for the cricket match spearheaded by Aneel Murarka which involved getting together the world of glamour with the world where duties and responsibilities towards the country are given the utmost priority.

Following the rules were two teams, one comprising of the real life heroes that is Policemen and the other team comprising of the who’s who of television fraternity.

Giving the steamy news of the pitch live was the renowned personality who never fails to impress people with his wit, energy and charm Raju Srivastav. With every chauka, chakka and wicket Raju Srivastav would entertain the audience with his entertaining commentary.

The cricket match witnessed crème-de-la-crème crowd from Bollywood and Police force including television celebrities

“I have always gone that extra mile to honor all those who have persued extra ordinary acts for the benefit to the society. Our Indian Police force works round the clock so that we feel safe at home. They sacrifice every bit of their happiness so that we can celebrate festivals and every function of our lives. As the cricket season kick stars this one day is dedicated to the Indian Police Force for their fun and refreshment along with the television celebrities” says Aneel Murarka organizer of the cricket match.

Our television celebrities leave no stone unturned to show their fondness towards this extremely likable sport. Bollywood being always driven by sports never escape a chance to showcase their love for the cricket. From talking about their favorite player to organizing cricket matches the majority events and conversations are sports dominated but this time


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