Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires: Download sizes revealed for PS4, Xbox One and PS3


The download sizes have been revealed for the newly-released Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires. The Xbox One version takes up 23.14 GB on the HDD of Microsoft’s current-gen console. On the PlayStation 4, you will need 19.9 GB to download from the Sony Entertainment Store. Of course, physical copies for each version are also available if you are worried about exceeding your internet bandwidth limits (links: PS4 version and Xbox One version).

Last but not least, the PS3 iteration, which is exclusive to the Sony Entertainment Store, requires 14.4 GB to download. The size disparity between the PlayStation 3 release when compared to the current-gen versions could be due to the game rendering at a lower resolution on the last-gen system.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is the second expansion to Dynasty Warriors 8 (with the first one being Xtreme Legends, which came out in the west last year). Empires adds new strategic elements to the original release, adding depth to the hack-and-slash action along with implementing some new custom features (such as being able to edit banners, characters, horses, scenarios and soldiers). Along with the above-mentioned three home consoles, the game is also available on PC platforms via Steam.


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