3 Things About Indian Culture That May Surprise You

Indian Culture

India is a large and magical place that many different people from all types of walks of life call home. There are many social classes and age ranges and beyond that, so many landscapes to explore. But beyond these things, India also has a deeply rooted culture that is extremely interesting and rewarding to explore, especially for outsiders. Here are 3 things about Indian culture that may just surprise you.

Living With Your Parents Is Not Shameful

While in America or many other places living with your parents or even several generations if you are over a certain age can be shameful, it is not so in India. In fact, it is extremely common to see grown adults with children of their own living with their parents or grandparents, with sometimes as many as 4 or 5 generations ending up under one roof. 

Reaching retirement age in India doesn’t mean you have an empty house to look forward to—but quite the contrary. It is important not to judge when you see stuff like this for the first time. Respectable members of society with jobs, marriages, and children find themselves living with their families or multiple generations because that is what is expected of them. 

It Is The Birthplace Of Many Religions

Did you know that several different religions, including four very major ones, first came to be in India? This makes the cultural history there rich and fascinating, and also is the reason that so many different types of people choose to reside there.

Hinduism and Buddhism are very big in India, with over 80% of the population identifying as Hindu, But one of the largest Muslim populations in the world also resides here. Because of this, if you spend any amount of time in India you are sure to meet loads of interesting people who you may not have ever met otherwise.

Arranged Marriage Is Common, Normal, And Accepted

While in many parts of the world arranged marriage seems strange or even downright wrong, in India, it is still very much the norm and an accepted part of their culture that no one takes issue with. Remember, if you are visiting India as an outsider or have chosen to move there from another country, you should never tell the locals what to do. 

This is especially so if it pertains to something in their culture that they have been doing for hundreds or even thousands of years. Even if you disagree with arranged marriage, try to understand that that is the way things are done there and you will be better off. 

While certain aspects of Indian culture may surprise you, it is a great idea to try your hardest to embrace them all. Hopefully, this list has helped to prepare you for what you might find in India! 

Photo by Kumar Saurabh: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-and-woman-holding-wedding-rings-1456613/


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