3 Things You Do Not Know about CompTIA A+


When it comes to the CompTIA A+ certification course, it has expanded its coverage to include new, innovative and varied topics and technologies to cope with the needs of modern IT companies and their environment. There are new topics included to help students to stay updated and upgrade their skills to pass the exam and get the best job in the industry. Returning to a learning mindset is not easy, but you need to stay updated for career development.

According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk, embracing variety in the learning process is highly beneficial and that is why blended educational programs are so popular these days. Here are the three things you do not know about CompTIA A+:

1. The course is more than just PCs and Windows

The previous versions of the plus course were about supporting Windows PCs and laptops, but the latest version is about the key move in the IT support position. When it comes to the CompTIA 900 series, the emphasis is on supporting a person’s capability to gain access for required information, irrespective of the device. It means that certified professionals must be an expert and aware of several OS.

Besides Windows, CompTIA A+ now embraces knowledge and expertise relevant to iOS, Android, Linux, as well as Windows mobile. Tablets, smartphones, and wearables are also covered together with omnipresent computers. Dealing with hardware, data, mobile devices, as well as connections, are enhanced point of prominence.  You can read more about CompTIA A+ on blogs by A. P. Samuel.

2. Cybersecurity is very crucial

Yes, online security is the need of the hour among IT security professionals and CompTIA A+ helps to do just that. There is increased awareness among people about cybersecurity from accounting to Chief Executive Officers or CEOs of companies. The IT experts involved in tech support and help desk have the additional responsibility of acting on the forefront to fight against hackers and unlawful invasions into computer and networking systems of a company.

The A+ course now recognizes the critical responsibility of technical support professionals in shielding a company’s digital assets. Did you know that eight out of nine certification domains have a goal associated with privacy, security, and mitigation of risk?

3. Tech support as well as troubleshooting matter the most

Yes, both are the top skills desired in most job ads posted by IT companies for fresher candidates. It is one thing to figure out how certain things work but quite a different matter to be competent to troubleshoot an IT issue when there is a technical snag.

The previous versions of the course were focused on troubleshooting but the latest series puts more emphasis on the capability or potential to resolve issues. The candidates who pass the certification exam and hired by IT companies need to install as well as configure PC systems. Additionally, they’re expected to spot the source of IT issues and resolve them as soon as possible.

Final thoughts

These are some of the less known facts about CompTIA +. The latest version is more advanced and apt for candidates aspiring to become adept in the latest technologies and problem-solving skills.


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