4 Challenges You May Face When Hosting International Events


Hosting any type of event can cause a lot of stress. When you add all of the individual intricacies of an international event, things can get really tricky. There will be some unique challenges along the way, so having as much help as possible is of utmost importance. In order to help you prepare, here are 4 examples of some challenges you may face when hosting International events.


With any large event, there will be a lot of legalities involved. When the event is international, this can get even more confusing because every country has its own set of laws and rules. The best thing you can do to overcome this is to hire a professional to aid you with any issues that come up or answer any questions you may have along the way. 

For example, in order to navigate a commercial insurance dispute litigation, you will need to have a lawyer representing you. Having this lawyer in place before any trouble ensues will ensure that you are well protected.  

Travel Plans

Traveling overseas is a lot more complicated than traveling domestically, mainly because of the long distances and differing laws between countries. Because of this, travel plans are subject to change – sometimes at the very last moment. This can cause people involved with your event to be late or have to cancel entirely. Be as adaptable as possible and understand travel issues that people may have. You should also leave a large chunk of time for people to travel in case they run into any delays or other difficulties along the way. 

Language Barriers

Language barriers are another common issue with international events because not everyone is going to speak the same language. As an event coordinator, you may have to make some tough decisions regarding what language to have everything printed in, what language presenters will speak, etc. 

Of course, there are ways around language barriers such as Google Translate and other types of technology that can help people to understand the gist of what someone is saying even when they don’t speak the same language. 


Getting the proper insurance to make sure that everyone at an event is safe and that you are covered if anything happens is extremely important. Make sure to do research and choose the best possible insurance that will be able to cover you in the country where you are holding the event. Some types of insurance are available internationally while others are not, so be aware.  

Hosting international events is not for the faint of heart so you should already be proud of yourself! Hopefully, this list can help you to ensure that your event runs smoothly no matter what. 

Photo by Lee Blanchflower on Unsplash


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