5 players that all teams would go gaga for in IPL 2020 auctions


Cricket has enormous popularity and fan following all over the world. In India, people go gaga over the Indian Premier League. It looks like a fair of international players who all are in one spot. Around $94 million has been spent in the auction to buy just 169 players.

In 2018, MS Dhoni, the former captain, got $2.2 million, and captain Virat Kohli received $2.5 million.

This is something that pulls our attention towards the 2020 IPL auction. Who is going to get the most significant bid in 2020?

Who is in the hit list of IPL auction of 2020?

The IPL auction is always based upon specific parameters like previous year’s performance. But this time, there is a plus point- their performance in World Cup 2019. Check out the most significant bid updates on best IPL betting odds with Bet India.

Here are the top five players that would receive the most significant bid in IPL 2020 auctions:

Eoin Morgan

The way Eoin Morgan led England in World Cup 2019 is phenomenal. He might be an undervalued batsman, but the way he performed in the world cup has put him in the eyes of IPL auction to get the most significant bid. The cricket fair is going to start in June next year, and this time, Morgan will be available for the whole season of IPL. Therefore, there is a possibility of getting the highest bid in 2020.

Jimmy Neesham

Jimmy Neesham will be a surprising name in the coming IPL season. The reason might be that he is churning out the performance as an all-rounder player. He is consistently giving knocking performance for New Zealand.  The name Jimmy Neesham fits in all formats, whether bowling, batting, fielding, etc. He can leave a significant impact on the team with his performance. There is a fair possibility of grabbing the limelight of IPL auction and get the most prominent bid in 2020.

Glenn Maxwell

The World Cup 2019 led with sure shot players in which Glenn Maxwell is also in the limelight. He fits the format of an all-rounder. He missed the 2019 IPL league to prepare himself for the World Cup. When Glenn is in his form, he becomes unstoppable. He can leave a significant impact on the IPL game in the coming year. Many team auctioneers have an eagle eye on this player. In IPL 2020 auction, he is in the limelight to get the most significant bid. He is all set to blast in the T20 league. He has a strike rate of 150. 99 in T20 format which adds another plus point to receive the most significant bid in the auction of IPL 2020.

Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc is likely to be in the hit list of IPL auction in 2020. He can churn the game even though his Yorkers. This left-arm bowler is in good form. World Cup 2019 has paced up the performance of all the players. He just played two IPL seasons in 2014-2015. But this time, he is available for the IPL tournament. Therefore, he will be going to have the attention of auctioneers in IPL 2020. The player will prove to be a game-changer in IPL.

Jason Roy

Jason Roy is the name that always comes to mind when we think of the T20 cricket format. The 29 years old player played his most significant role in the victory of team England in the World Cup. The same impact he will give in IPL 2020. His impact is clear from the record of the World Cup, where team England lost two matches in his absence. The way he scored 443 runs in just eight games in the world cup adds a bonus in IPL auction. Jason Roy is a well-known personality in the Indian Premier League. The reason is enough to have the eyes of auctioneers in IPL 2020. The teams will look forward to offering the most significant bid to Jason Roy to add to their team. Indian Premier League proves to be the biggest fair of international players. It also provides a platform for fresh players. Everyone looks forward to the auctioneers to check which player receives the biggest bid and in which team their favorite player will be added. The auctioneers will go gaga on these five players in the IPL season 2020. Some players might be out from the hit list while others get the attention.


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