5 ways to make your marketing game stronger to pull consumers to Adult Gaming and Entertainment centers

Smaaash Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

By Shirish Kotmire, CEO, Smaaash Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

The thrill and the sheer fun of being in an active entertainment setup in a modern and jazzily designed gaming center are unmatched. Spending Sunday afternoons with our families or celebrating birthdays in bowling alleys and arcades with yummylicious food and beverages, is something that almost everyone can relate to. The activities ranging from 360-degree cricket, bowling, air hockey, and arcade basketball to several others, cater to almost everyone’s preferences- making it the perfect option for a day out. While enjoyment over family and friends bonding together, is a strong hook for people to visit entertainment and gaming centers, it’s important to develop a robust marketing & communication strategy to drive in as many customers as possible and maximize sales.

In the digital age, you cannot just rely on newspaper ads, word of mouth recommendations, and gigantic billboards lined along the horizons of cities. Instead, adopting digital and other customer engagement tools is essential to ensure repeat visits and beat competition. Here are 5 strategies to make your marketing game stronger and attract individuals and groups of consumers to adult gaming and entertainment centers.

  • Digital Marketing-
    • Gaming & Party enjoyment Experience coverage in a real-time environment: Online posting by actual visitors to the gaming centers on Facebook, and Instagram of real-time events as they happen are an attractive way to ensure customers overcome the inertia of traveling to a phygital entertainment center. Energizing the active entertainment setup with surreal lighting and ambiance, along with complementing food and beverages which are specifically curated for the target segments just adds to the reasons to visit.
    • Website & search engine optimization- While websites are common, in the case of gaming centers this is more information dissemination. about the center, location, and facilities. Using Search Engine Optimisation and keywords to ensure rank higher on the Search engine results for specific requirements so that the website receives more traffic. Social Media- Having a good social media presence through campaigns is innate to any marketing plan especially if it involves the millennials. Campaigns highlighting RTBs(reasons to visit) have to be eye-catching and appeal to the basic human instincts of competition, thrill, speed, and greed. Facebook and Instagram can be used to post reels showcasing the overall experience, post-real-time events, promotional offers, themes, announcements of sports and music events, etc.
    • SMS and Whatsapp: With the advent of new visual options like video WhatsApp which are more apt to communicate entertainment options and entice potential new customers as well as create reasons for repeat visits thereafter.
  • Group Events & Influencers- If you see your favorite influencers enjoying a great day at an entertainment center nearby, wouldn’t it make you more likely to visit it? Influencers have a massive social media reach amongst the young and trendy followers that consume their content and look up to them for recommendations to improve their own style and social ratings. For young groups, being at a gaming center is becoming a lifestyle statement, and creating an aspirational element is critical to attracting more visits from existing and new customers. However, identifying influencers who can be used to create awareness about gaming and entertainment centers amongst target segments to generate footfalls for corporate events, birthday and kitty parties as well as sports events, to ensure more visits. Other than lifestyle influencers and content creators, influencers who have a large group following can be targeted and can project the bonding and enjoyment of gamers with F&B.
  • Technology & VR Games- With the current generation heavily engaged with VR and AR platforms, there is a need to address this requirement in a very innovative and creative manner. Designing the right content and experience for the customer and differentiating with mobile options is paramount, especially in light of the demand created by 3D movies. Enhancing it to 5D, 7D and 9D is not only a sure-shot way of attracting new users but also giving newer options to existing users to drive repeat visits.
  • Gaming, Food & Beverages Reviews, and Rating- Users nowadays check online reviews and ratings which serve as social proof of a place. Ensuring your customers write reviews and give ratings upon their visit is essential because then positive reviews especially about Gaming, Food, and alcoholic beverages (e.g. Choice between 20 shots) can be projected as unique experiences and blended into marketing campaigns. Reviews and ratings ensure that genuine experiential claims are made by customers rather than the company making high claims about itself. Moreover, seeking and actioning negative reviews can be used to improve services and make the overall experience better.
  • Collaborations- With the confluence of High income, spending & experience seeking groups of guests at gaming centers, collaborations with well-established brands that offer products & services which align with the objective of acquiring new & existing consumers for the brands, but by ensuring exposure & trial. These brands get an alternate launch media in the form of gaming centers, leading to improvement of revenues by cross-selling opportunities. For example, if gaming and entertainment centers collaborate for F1 events, the same can be enhanced by collaborating with brands like Exxon Mobil, Castrol, MRF, and Apollo Tyres, these popular brands can enhance their own presence and the gaming center gets sponsorship revenues. Gaming centers can even hold competitions sponsored by these complementary brands, with prizes for winning such games, drawing in more customers. Even collaborations with popular food products desiring to sample & ensure trial can help enhance the overall experience and can be used in lead generation marketing campaigns. Who doesn’t want new options in good food and beverages (including alcohol) while enjoying a good day?

Overall, a strong marketing strategy is needed to maximize your customer base and increase profits. There are several ways to better the marketing strategy of gaming and entertainment centers, a few of which are mentioned above!


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