6 Ways to Reduce Plastic in the Workplace

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The rate at which plastics are roaming worldwide is shocking. Tones of plastics released each year are worth worrying about, and that’s why there is a need for each person’s effort to reduce the damage.

Business places are among the places which produce the most plastic products. Reducing plastics in the workplace is a great move that will highly contribute to keeping the globe plastic-free.

This move doesn’t come easily; some measures are needed to improve the environment. This article will provide six ways to reduce plastic in the workplace.

Inspire the employees

The easiest and quickest way of achieving something is by building enthusiasm on people. Plastic is a colossal disaster that needs teamwork to get rid of it. Engage employees in environmental discussions and assign them to research how far the plastic calamity has destroyed the world.

Introduce inspirational films to the office to fire up their spirit. At first, it may seem tedious and unworthy, but you’ll see the results soonest, and in no time, everyone in the workplace will be ready to participate in the mission. It only needs a little determination and effort, and once each worker craves for the same goal, achieving the aim will be easy.

Make office work less plastic-engaged

Paperwork is a great contributor to this problematic issue at hand. Making the office paperless will make it easier to reduce the number of plastics used by each employer at the end of the day.

The advancement of technology today makes it simpler. Instead of piling files in the office, adapt storing information in the computer. Make good use of online and try to use less physical documentation.

Apps like Google Docs do you an excellent favor by enabling you to edit and do any other office-related operation. In return, you’ll need no stationary that increases plastic in the office. Apart from limiting plastic usage in the office, it makes your work more straightforward, and less-effort taking.

Make employees responsible for their plastic usage

Study an employee’s plastic waste, he releases a day and sees how crazy it is if each person in the office does the same thing. The final amount at the end of the week will be unbelievable. It takes each person’s effort to keep your workplace eco-friendly. The best weapon and most convenient is making each worker take the initiative of being their own keeper.

Employees can be the laziest and the most careless if not kept in control. Although there are workers paid to ensure the workplace is clean, making it known that it’s every person’s responsibility to terminate the plastic used will help solve the problem. With time limitations, no employee would want an extra task of disposing of plastics. Start by banning bottled water and introduce filtered water in the office. In the end, they’ll avoid using plastic to escape from extra work. At first, this trick may seem unfruitful, but the results will eventually be impressive and effective in controlling the wastage.

Introduce reusable dishes in the place of work

Plastic is useful for few minutes but stays in the environment for centuries, damaging the earth. It’s much better to use reusable, washable utensils that can be used over and over again. Let the kitchen office have silverware or any other non-plastic utensils.

It won’t hurt to tell the employees to wash their utensils after using them. Alternatively, you can ask them to carry their cutlery from home. It’ll seem tedious, but they’ll get used to it as long as you provide facilities for washing them after use. Also, ensure the office canteen sells plastic-free snacks to limit plastic supply.

Buy office equipment in bulk

Most offices prefer buying their requirements in large quantities. Although their main objective is usually to buy at lower prices, it can contribute to curbing plastic consumption.

No matter how convenient it may appear to acquire single items, it increases the plastic supplication. Doing so will only load the office with lots of plastics, which will require effort to remove from the office. Save yourself and employee’s energy by ordering one package in the office!

Request your distributors to reduce plastic packaging

Of all the tips, this sounds the hardest, but it’s the most effective. Talking to your suppliers almost solves the whole problem. As a buyer, you have the right to request how you want your goods to be packed, so take advantage of that. All you have to do is sending a wording to your supplier and explain why you want aplastic-free supply.

Don’t get scared of losing your best supplier. Make it a win-win situation by suggesting a better packaging idea that will be cheaper on their side and a path to achieving your mission. You can also purchase things from brands that don’t use plastic packaging—for example, pukka, which supplies tea bags.

How to make it an exciting project

For years, environmentalists have been trying to get rid of plastic entirely but have not yet succeeded. If you want your workplace to contribute to promoting plastic-free earth, you have to make them love doing it. It’ll take a shorter time, and lots of accomplishments will be made if everyone enjoys it. Here is how to make the experience fun:

Organize plastic collection day in the office

Employees enjoy anything that gets them out of work mood: Plan field-day to collect plastics in the office and the neighborhood. Assign colleagues to clean different places. The workers will have a nice time, and the experience they’ll get will be a great reminder to keep the office clean.

Organize a non-plastic challenge

Challenge the employees to keep the workplace plastic-free. Let everyone be responsible for their place and set a reward for whoever keeps his work area clean. Doing so will motivate them.

Hold discussions

The best way is to ask strategies from the employees. While you’ll get brilliant ideas from them, you’ll also make them feel a part of the project.

The Bottom Line

A workplace is among the major contributors to environmental pollution. An effort is required to strategize projects like eliminating plastic. But it’s not as hard as you think.

All you need is to talk to employees and develop the most effective ways of achieving your goal. As much as it takes an individual’s effort, the employees need to work together for quicker and bigger results at the end of the day. Make it simpler by installing filtered water in the office and see how small steps help!


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