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Chicago IL: Please join us in expressing our deepest condolences at this hour at the sad demise of our beloved Usha Bhatt, Mother of Harish Bhatt president of the renowned Association of Indian Pharmacists. Shri Ushaben passed away, on Friday, November 4th 2016 at 6:00 pm in Chicago at the age of 84 (June 24th, 1932 to November 4th, 2016) after a brief illness. Her final days were spent surrounded by family and friends. She will live for years to come in our hearts. May her Soul Rest in Peace.
Usha was an astonishing person, a true matriarch of her extended family possessing all the attributes of Matriarch Mother namely loving, caring, compassionate providing leadership, unconditional love, self-sacrifices to anyone who came in touch with her.
Speaking in her memory, one of the close individual who knew her well for years from India, summarized her life as religious, filled with compassion for all living life. Result of Successful careers of her children and grandchildren can be clearly seen, due to her teaching of basic significance of hard work, moral values, honor, simplicity, and ethics. He further remarked that one of her astonishing achievements was building a distinctive monument of temple. To accomplish this challenging goal, she worked industriously as a school teacher all her active life, lived frugally and accumulate required fund needed to build this striking marble temple of Satya shree Saibaba in City of Ahmedabad.
She is survived by her son Harish, daughter-in-law Renuka, grandchildren Karishma and Kevin, sister Sudha, and brother Arun. 

“Another reason of our Family’s attainment is due to sustained cohesiveness of the family in the era of fast pace life and materialistic society. My mother was visionary and she use art of  cooking and inviting family on any and  every occasion like celebration of birthday, anniversary , religious festivity and any other justification she could muster. Her life was an inspiration she filled niche and accomplished role of true matriarch” said by Harish Bhatt.
On behalf of large south Asian Diaspora including members of Asian Media USA Chicago, We like to express our condolences. We pray God Almighty to give courage and strength to bear such loss.
Special message from Bhatt family
Many of us attended the funeral last week and paid respect and glowing tribute to the departed soul. Our heartfelt and thanks to the more than one thousand people who attended her funeral services Sunday, November 6th from 10:00 am to 12 noon at Bolingbrook Funeral Home at 530 W Boughton Rd. Bolingbrook IL, as well as others who called, text messages and email to us. 


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