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Atomic Heart

Large-scale RPG from domestic developers Atomic Heart promises to be one of the brightest gaming events of 2022. However, according to the pre-release materials, it is already clear that we are waiting for a colorful and dynamic sci-fi AAA-action movie with elements of role-playing games, an evident influence of such iconic franchises as Fallout, BioShock, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R., as well as a dense domestic flavor.  

In anticipation of the release, we decided to collect in one text all available information about the ambitious project of the Russian studio Mundfish. So we know about Atomic Heart: release date, gameplay, system requirements, and storyline details. Furthermore, we advise paying attention to the casino online games, similar to the Atomic Heart theme.

What is Atomic Heart?

On the gameplay level, Atomic Heart is a rattling mix of a first-person shooter and an RPG. The game will unfold in the open world, and the developers promise a lot of freedom of action: the players will be able to go wherever they want, and no one will hold them back from exploring the world. The authors place a strong bet on the narrative through the environment. By examining the locations, players will find more and more pieces of the mosaic, shedding light on the history of local fantasy settings. The events occurring in the game will gradually grow in context.

Following the quest chain or just walking among the local wastelands, the player will now and then run into enemies, most of whom – aggressive robots of all kinds. Shooting mechanics will be the key to the passage: the creators have announced an impressive arsenal of firearms, including a pistol, shotgun, Railgun, some electric guns, and, of course, the classic Kalashnikov assault rifle. At least some of the guns can be improved and customized to fit your own needs: the creators promise a rich system of crafting opportunities. But in close combat, the player will not remain unarmed: at his service is an ax, a bat for hobble, a plunger, and a whole bunch of “milish” means of combat.

The RPG component is still a blind spot for gamers interested in the project: the authors have not been in a hurry to specify what it will consist of. Will the player be able to level up his character? Play a hero or a villain? Will the storyline have forks and moral choices? Will there be secondary quests? All of these questions remain unanswered, but closer to the release, we will learn more. Wait for the latest Atomic Heart 2022 trailer!

System Requirements

In the case of Atomic Heart, the system requirements for the P.C. projects are also kept secret, which is logical: there is still a lot of time before the release, so the technical nuances have undergone some changes. However, several gaming websites have posted an unofficial list of system requirements for the game. How much we can trust this information – it’s hard to say (some of them look suspiciously low), but no other benchmark for the suitable hardware for the long-awaited development still no. Except for those who want to play at maximum capacity in the “Atomic Hart” system, requirements will undoubtedly include a video card level R.T.X.

Assumed minimum system requirements for Atomic Heart on P.C.:

  • Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 (64-bit);
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD FX-6300;
  • RAM: 6 G.B.;
  • Graphics card: GeForce GTX 780 3GB or Radeon R9 290 4GB;
  • Free disk space: 22 G.B.

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The plot, the world of the game, and the characters

The authors compare their creation’s plot with the sci-fi series “Black Mirror.” The world of Atomic Heart is an alternate reality of the mid-twentieth century, in which the Soviet Union has reached unprecedented success in electronics and thousands of robots for all sorts of needs. But here at the private industrial enterprise “3826,” for some unknown reason, there is a failure. The androids turn against their creators, and all radio communication goes out of order. The protagonist is Soviet intelligence agent Major Nechaev, codenamed P-3, who is thrown into the enterprise’s bowels to investigate the tragedy’s circumstances and deal with the aftermath.

The protagonist – is not a simple intelligence officer but a true veteran who took part in many dangerous operations. , But they have brought him not only valuable operational experience but also a lot of trauma: psychological (they will become an essential element of the story) and physical. But thanks to Soviet mastermind Professor Sechenov, the major receives a powerful cybernetic prosthesis that will help him in his arduous work. The gem of the hero’s technical arsenal is a high-tech glove that has unique combat functions and is controlled by the power of thought.

Other plot details are still kept secret, but according to the developers’ website, the player will meet at least a dozen extravagant personalities. Among them, in addition to the Professor mentioned above Sechenov, will be the Jelly Man, Baba Zina, some twins, and a man with the mysterious nickname Fluffy. Also, judging by the trailers, we can assume that Atomic Heart is not a game without humor. Even in the promo materials, the authors now and again throw up different gags – both visually comical situations and all sorts of gags in the dialogues and monologues of the characters. We’re sure to learn more about the story component of Atomic Heart when the pre-release trailer comes out.


“Atomic Heart will be the largest project in the developers’ portfolio: in the past, they dealt mainly with mobile games. But the composer of Atomic Heart is a true superstar of modern game development – the legendary Mick Gordon! We have him to thank for the fantastic soundtracks of the new parts of DOOM, Wolfenstein, and the Prey reboot. With such a master of the mixer, there’s no need to worry about the level of the soundtrack!

We can also rest assured about the project’s financial support: large companies Gaijin Entertainment, Gem Capital, and Tencent are acting as Mundfish’s investment partners. In addition, Atomic Heart’s technical features were developed in close cooperation with Nvidia, the manufacturer of the most popular P.C. graphics chips, so we can expect ray tracing (also known as ray tracing) support in the game. The extent to which it transforms the system of lighting and shadows can be estimated by a special trailer:

As for the software foundation of the game, it is built on a powerful, though not the most modern, engine Unreal Engine 4. 

The news is suitable for those who are indifferent to Atomic Heart. After all, on the one hand, not being the top engine means that Atomic Heart’s hardware requirements on the P.C. won’t be the highest. And on the other hand, UE4 has proved itself ideally at the AAA-development level. From the biggest and most famous projects of the last years, we can single out It Takes Two, Borderlands 3, Psychonauts 2, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Release Date and Platforms

Many discussions about the Mundfish project among fans often get bogged down by one question: “When will Atomic Heart be released?” The year 2022 has long been circled on the calendar of gamers who are not indifferent to the project. The authors expect to send the task into circulation in the fall or winter. But the developers have not yet announced a specific date on which Atomic Heart will be released. The release date on P.C. and consoles is unlikely to be different.

But we already know the list of platforms, which will be atomic heart: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and P.C.


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