“An actor’s life isn’t…” Awez Darbar gives gets honest about film stars in his latest vlog

Awez Darbar

MUMBAI: From Mumbai to Vadodara to Indore, all in a day’s time! Nope, this isn’t any superhero, just the life of a movie star!

Social media sensation Awez Darbar tagged along with Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, and Vaani Kapoor for Shamshera’s official trailer launch, and the learning he gained from this journey seems to be quite inspirational.
Flying from one city to another in no time, Awez witnessed the three stars get swarmed by a barrage of fans, and still promote their upcoming release without breaking a sweat.

Talking about his jet-setting experience, Awez says,

“An actor’s life isn’t easy, traveling relentlessly for movie promotions sans a break. I just saw Team Shamshera visit three cities back to back, something that got tiring for me, hats off to them. It just goes on to prove no task is as easy as it seems on the outside”.
To get a “dekko” into Awez’s day with the cast and crew of Shamshera, head on to his official YouTube channel.


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