An Interview With The Finalist of Miss Junior Teen Great Britain Anushka Dixit

Anushka Dixit

UK: Anushka entered MTGB just for fun (because it would be a gateway of opportunities for her because she would like to become an actress part-time in the future), unbeknownst to the fact that she’d make it to the finals. She will be representing East London later this year in the competition, taking place in Blackpool.

Her Mom Arti Dixit says, “We are immensely proud of her, hence we would like to showcase her talent. The Global Child Prodigy Awards was supported by the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation and Oscar-winning music director AR Rahman. It recognizes the 100 children/prodigies annually from thousands of applicants in around 68 countries (this year) & categories. The awardees get to meet eminent leaders and experience global exposure. They also become a part of other significant international events as speakers or influencers. The “100 Global Child Prodigies award 2022” book featuring its awardees will be distributed to all the world’s top libraries.

The first event in 2020 (New Delhi), included guests like Nobel peace laureate Kailash Satyarthi and Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Ms. Kiran Bedi, presenting the awards to the children. The event saw the presence of many other dignitaries at the award presentations event. This Year (2022), the awards ceremony will take place around June in Dubai.” she further adds

In email communication, Anushka interacted with the NRI NEWS 24×7 team.

Anushka Dixit
Arti Dixit, Anushka Dixit, Neeraj Dixit

How did it start? At what age did it start?

My journey started at the age of three when I had memorized the capitals of all countries as well as the leaders of the countries internationally, both the prime minister and the president. When the head of the school came to interview my daughter for her upcoming Reception admission, she was indeed astonished at how she knew all of this, at such a young age.

What was the inspiration?

I had no person or situation that had inspired me to reach the position where I am today, however, I always wanted to do something out of the blue to make my parents proud of me. I never wanted to be like something or some great personality to follow in their footsteps. I respect them all and the stories however, I always wanted to and still want to be unique.

Struggles and challenges?

When I was about nine or so, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and during this period of time, both my parents had no time for me as my mum was really sick and my father was mostly at work. I couldn’t bear watching her so ill but had to simultaneously prepare for my national competitive 11+ entrance exams. I would cry daily, whilst also revising as much as I could, despite not being able to prepare as much as my peers who would have attended over three tuitions a week. After receiving the results, we were all ecstatic and over the moon, as I passed all the 7 exams (schools) I applied for which were extremely high marks. This was the first mark of major success in my life at that time so far for me, but for an individual who is still slightly unsatisfied with each accomplishment, this had motivated me to excel and do many other great things.

What motivated you to keep going? Who trained you?

It was my mother for the same reason as in the question prior to this who motivated me persistently, she was my backbone of support during the time. I still remember very well that when she would have her appointments and the surgery, I would pray all day at school but I still managed to spare ample time for my learning nevertheless.

Since young, my grandmother had played a crucial role in my life as she was the one who grounded me with several aspects of general knowledge as a toddler and made me quite spiritually inclined at the age of just three.

Any interesting story about your journey?

As I have already mentioned but particularly, despite my mum’s illness and bad health, she would take me to all the classes to ensure that I would have the opportunity to know and learn as much as possible for my betterment and stand out if not acquire as much knowledge amongst other children, as any parent would ultimately want. Even if she had lots of weaknesses and no strength at all, she is the primary reason for my success so far and how I excel in many fields, not only academics. During her treatment, my father would take me to every single class, knowing that if I’d miss even one, it would be hard for me to catch up, regardless of my condition. Even before her Cancer, she would work daily night shifts and take me to classes after school without fail. For a parent to have such a hectic lifestyle, I fully understand that it is not simple. It’s just so surprising for an emotional child to overcome her fears by reminding herself of hope in order to cease negative contemplations and focus on the future.

I am trained exceptionally well in six dance forms including Fusion, Semi-classical, Bharatanatyam, Hip-hop, Bollywood, Freestyle, and most Indian Folk dances. I am a professionally self-taught dancer (excluding Bharatanatyam), who has attended almost fifty community events where they’ve invited me to dance in over a span of only approximately five years prior to the Current Global Pandemic. I have won many trophies, certificates, and medals in Fine Arts and I am extremely close to my culture (as an Indian Hindu). I am also known as an ‘all rounder’ because I love knowing things about everything, however, I am particularly fascinated by neurology.

What does your day look like?

I would say that unlike many who would believe that I only study after returning from school and have no such thing as social life, I would like to break the generalized stereotype and say that I am just an ordinary person like all of you. Coming back from school, I would revise for up to an hour, finish my homework the day it is set, and spend my time playing the piano to prepare for my grade exams and dance to prepare for my Diploma in Bharatanatyam, whilst sparing some to compose as well as endeavor to make my own dances for fun. I believe that to achieve the most you can in life, do not stress yourself out as it won’t help.

What are your hobbies apart from the main talent that you excel in?

Playing the piano, Swimming, Gymnastics, Cooking, mainly reading and writing, Dancing, Singing, Badminton, poetry, writing quotes, Love music, etc.

How do you think you impact your society and inspire other kids through your talent/skills?

I would like to tell other kids that having all the money and electronic devices will not necessarily affect your intellect positively. Though I thoroughly accept the fact that I am a Gen Z child and it wouldn’t make so much sense for me to complain about having a lack of resources, I want to sincerely spread the message that whatever issue you are facing, whether it is financially-based or on problems deteriorating your mental state, there is always a light in the dark. You should find a way to ask questions to your tutors/mentors confidently.

What are the key principles or rules that you abide by in your life?

Though there aren’t any key principles I view as vital to me, I believe that we should respect everyone equally, whether the person treats us the same back or not. Furthermore, regardless of age or any factor, being disrespectful or judging people is something I genuinely detest.

What are your long-term goals/plans? This could be personal or professional.

I would like to currently make more achievements for myself and find a way to be more recognized. I would love to study either medicine or neuroscience.

Awards/Recognition/Appreciation/Honours/Milestones (Mention Date and year).9 March 2018 – High Commissioner of India, in London had provided me with a ‘Shawl’, as a sign of respect for dancing in such a prestigious platform’s program.
18 April 2018 – Danced to welcome the P.M of India, Honourable Shri Narendra Modi Ji, outside the great House of Parliament, Westminster, London.
22nd March 2019 – Won Redbridge’s Got Talent for the Best Act under 13, defeating two acclaimed professional dance groups in the renowned local competition.
2019 – Appreciation Certificate for Charity Walk, raising funds for Sri Lanka war victims.
26 April 2019 – Gave an IQ test, and achieved an invitation to join the prestigious high IQ Society of Mensa, with the highest ever possible IQ of 162, placing me in the world’s top 1%, giving the test at the minimum age you could (10). This made me an intelligence icon, having an interview on BBC London and London one Radio and many others including FM Radio for the score and globally, with numerous countries writing articles on for me such as the Metro, DailyMail, Navbharat Times, The Sun, Daily Express, Dainik Bhaskar, Times of India, Italian, Romanian and newspapers and online articles from over fifteen/ twenty countries and many more articles.
End of 2021 – Found out that I had been selected for the absolutely wondrous Global
Child Prodigy Awards 2022 and became a grand finalist for the Miss Junior Teen Great Britain competition, in which I am currently given the title of ‘Miss Junior Teen East London’.
Rest are my yearly Fine Arts, Gymnastics, and Piano grade certifications commencing from 2014 and 2019 respectively, memorizing recently the 100 digits of Pi in 4 minutes 17 seconds. I am also currently fundraising for ‘Together for Short Lives.


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