Aneel Murarka, Chief Guest at Luminescence 2015 – An Intercollegiate Academic Festival


Mumbai: The man stands as firm as a pillar of support to the youth of the nation; it was Aneel Murarka’s passion and zeal towards the betterment that compelled the faculty of Mithibai College Of Arts, Chauhan Institute Of Science & A.J College Of Commerce & Economics to extend the invitation of Luminescence 2015 – An Intercollegiate Academic Festival to Mr. Murarka as the Chief Guest.

Capturing the essence of the Indian Rituals the event commenced by lighting the auspicious lamp as a favorable start and sign of future success of Luminescence 2015 – An Intercollegiate Academic Festival. The lighting of the lamp was followed by unveiling of memento.

Adding to the merriment in a short yet inspiring conversation with the students, Aneel Murarka said “I wish the students all the luck for the festival. As much as I feel education is important I truly believe participating in festivals and taking part in extra curriculum is equally important. It gives a sense of confidence and a refreshing change from studies”.

Setting the tone for the rest, Aneel Murarka shared a few words of wisdom with principal, teachers and students; he said “I feel absolutely honored to support Luminescence 2015. I totally believe that future of our country is in the hands of the youth of our nation. For the progress of our country, guiding and encouraging the youth towards a bright future is very essential”.

The event concluded with Aneel Murarka reviving his college days, “College days are the golden days of everyone’s life. Supporting festivals and being a part of such festivals helps me revisit my college days”


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