Aneel Murarka & Sumeet Raghavan attended Talenzziaa 2015 – Inter Collegiate Festival of Tolani College of Commerce


Mumbai: Industrialist and Philanthropist Aneel Murarka & Actor Sumeet Raghavan attended Talenzziaa 2015- Inter Collegiate Festival of Tolani College of Commerce as the Guest of Honor for their generous and selfless support and contribution to the student’s community.

This time the moto of the festival was to spread awareness about the environment & join hands to eradicate all the ill practices prevailing towards our mother land. Hence, Aneel Murarka & Sumeet Raghavan along with the students & teachers planted sapling at one of the societies in Andheri (East) – Uttarayn Society.

The man stands as firm as a pillar of support to the youth of the nation; it was Aneel Murarka’s passion and zeal towards the betterment that compelled the jury of Tolani College to invite Aneel Muraraka & Sumeet Raghavan to attend the festival Talenzziaa 2015 as the Guest of Honor.

Adding to the merriment in a short yet inspiring conversation with the students, Aneel Murarka said “Protecting our mother land is extremely important. I am honored that the students & faculty thought of me to be worthy to participate in the drive to protect our mother land”

Setting the tone for the rest, Aneel Murarka shared a few words of wisdom with principal, teachers and students; he said “I feel absolutely honored to support Talenzziaa. I totally believe that future of our country is in the hands of the youth of our nation. For the progress of our country guiding and encouraging the youth towards a bright future is very essential”.


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