Another Independent beautiful Assamese hundred year old folk song ‘GUM GUM’


Mumbai: In the midst of an undying Bollywood music culture, a large group of independent artistes are trying to cut through the conventional and give independent or indie music it’s due. To secure that space may have been an impossible task a decade ago, but now — thanks to Ampliify Times Music — the scope for making their presence felt has expanded.

Keeping the legacy forward of Independent Music Check out the next release by the record Label Ampliify Times Music in association with One Digital Entertainment Presents another Independent beautiful Assamese folk song ‘GUM GUM’ sung wonderfully by Sumithra Narayanan let’s put in all of the efforts to bring the time of Independent Music.

On the contrary to the any other genre of music, Independent music holds a deep meaning of life. Therefore, Assamese folk song ‘GUM GUM’ express the true meaning of life.

The voice behind the song GUM GUM, singer Sumithra Narayanan says “I am glad that encouraging independent music in India. Since there is no commercial value to Independent Music, Ampliify Times Music is giving the desired value and spreading the word about Independent Music. In times when bollywood numbers gain immense popularity, getting outstanding response for the song from my friends and family is really overwhelming. I wish the audience praises and likes it too”

Varun Prabhudayal Gupta founder of Ampliify Times Music record label “The idea to encourage Independent music is to get the old era back where every musician regardless of any Bollywood connect got their due. In India we have a gold mine of talent which needs to be explored and given their deserved recognition” .

Gurpreet Singh founder of One Digital Entertainment one of the biggest company’s in digital content production is proud to have been associated with Ampliify Times Music and the thought of bringing back the time of Independent Music which will help all the musicians across the globe make their own mark in their specific fields of music & with this thought we will discover some great talents for Indie Music.


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