ASAP Motion Pictures & Purple Pebble Pictures of Madhu Chopra launches actress Manisha Swami


Mumbai: ASAP Motion Pictures in association with Purple Pebble Pictures of Madhu Chopra introduced actress Manisha Swami in their upcoming Marathi Film. Birthday girl looked the prettiest of all, wearing one of her best outfits for her special day. The collaboration of two renowned production companies cum birthday bash of Manisha Swami witnessed crème-de-la-crème crowd comprising Deepshika Nagpal, Kaishav Arora, Ajaz Khan , Dj Sheizwood, Dinesh Tiwari, Rahul Mahajan, Manish Ranjan, Gautam Arora, Purnima, Ajay Chaudhari, Rishank Tiwari, etc.


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