Bank of Maharashtra’s Financial Results for the quarter ended 30.06.2015


Shri S.Muhnot, Chairman & Managing Director, Shri R. Athmaram & Shri R. K. Gupta, Executive Directors, Bank of Maharashtra, announced the performance highlights of the Bank immediately after the adoption of financial results for the Quarter ended 30th June 2015 by the Board of Directors.
CASA up by 10.71% (rise of Rs.4237 Cr). CASA share improves to 35.72% (from 34.01% in June 2014)
Operating Profit up by 29.36% to Rs.609.77 Crore
Net-Interest Income (NII) increased by 11.88% (Rs.108 Crore) and was at Rs.1023.20 Crore
Net Interest Margin (NIM) improved by 7 bps to 2.77%
CRAR Basel III stood at 11.61%
Total Service Outlets 7981
(1880 Branches, 1850 ATMs, 107 MGSKs, 1165 USBs, 2974 BCs & 5 e-lounges)

Total Business increased by 6.74% (Y-o-Y) to Rs.219032 Crore as at 30.06.2015

Total Deposits up by 5.42% (Y-o-Y) to Rs.122667 Crore as at 30.06.2015

Gross Advances increased by 8.48% (Y-o-Y) to Rs.96365 Crore as at 30.06.2015

Retail Credit Growth 5.64 %( Y-o-Y)

Interest Income rose by 7.29% to Rs.3321 Crore

Fee Based Income increased by 15.05% to Rs.164.63 Crore

Non Interest Income for Q1 2015-16 increased to Rs.204.87 Crore showing Y-o-Y increase of 7.58%

Total Income increased by Rs.240.02 Crore to Rs.3526.14 Crore showing increase of 7.30% over Q1 2014-15

Gross NPA ratio stood at 7.86%

Net NPA ratio stood at 5.04%.
Net Profit for Q1-2015-16 stood at Rs.59.44 Crore
Cost to Income stood at 50.35% for the Q1-FY 2015-16
Book Value per Share is Rs. 66.05 as on 30.06.2015
Performance Highlights:

1. Total Business: Total Business of the Bank as on 30.06.2015 increased to Rs. 219031.74 Crore. The total business increased by Rs. 13832.41 Crore from Rs. 205199.33 Crore as on 30.06.2014 registering a growth of 6.74% on y-o-y basis.

2. Business per Employee has gone up from Rs. 14.69 Crore as at 30.06.2014 to
Rs. 15.29 Crore as at 30.06.2015.

3. Business per Branch was increased to Rs.116.51 Crore as on 30.06.2015 as against Rs. 110.44 crore as on 30.06.2014.
4. Deposits: Total Deposits of the Bank increased by Rs.6302.34 Crore to Rs.122667.11 Crore as on 30.06.2015 from Rs. 116364.77 Crore as on 30.06.2014 recording a growth of 5.42% on y-o-y basis.
The share of Current & Saving (CASA) Deposits to total deposits stood at 35.72% as on 30.06.2015.
5. Advances:
 Gross Advances increased from Rs.88834.56 Crore as on 30.06.2014 to Rs.96364.63 Crore as on 30.06.2015 recording growth by Rs.7530.07 Crore ( 8.48%) on y-o-y basis.
 Credit Deposit Ratio stood at 78.56%.
 Priority Sector Credit stood at Rs.38367.16 Crore at the end of Q1 ending June 2015
 Agricultural advances of the Bank stood at Rs.15345.20 Crore as at the end of June 2015 as against Rs.12922.75 Crore as at June 2014, showing a growth of 18.75%.
 MSE advances of the Bank stood at Rs.16256.85 Crore at the end of June 2015 as against Rs.14761.41 Crore at June 2014, showing a growth of 10.13%.
 Retail advances of the Bank stood at Rs.11874.75 Crore at the end of June 2015 as against Rs. 11239.92 Crore at June 2014, showing a growth of 5.64%.
1. Total Income: The total income of the Bank increased to Rs. 3526.14 Crore for the Q1 2015-16 as compared to Rs. 3286.12 Crore for Q1 2014-15 showing an increase of Rs.240.02 Crore [7.30%] on y-o-y basis.

2. Net Interest Income: The Net interest income increased by Rs.108.66 Crore from Rs.914.54 crore in Q1 2014-15 to Rs.1023.20 Crore in Q1 2015-16, recording an increase of 11.88% on y-o-y basis. The Net interest Margin (NIM) works out to 2.77%.

3. Non-Interest Income: The non-interest income increased to Rs.204.87 Crore (rise of 7.58%)in Q1-2015-16 as compared to Rs. 190.43 crore in Q1 2014-15.
1. 1. NPA: Gross NPA was at 7.86% as on 30.06.2015 as against 4.23% as on 30.06.2014. Net NPA was 5.04% as on 30.06.2015 as against 2.94% a year ago.

In absolute terms the Gross NPAs stood at Rs..7574.86 Crore as on 30.06.2015. Net NPA stood at Rs.4708.11 Crore as on 30.06.2015.

2. Provision Coverage: The NPA provision coverage ratio stood at 47.03% as at 30.06.2015
1. Capital Adequacy Ratio: The Capital Adequacy Ratio under Basel III norms was at 11.61% as on 30.06.2015 against the regulatory required level of 9%.

2. Earnings per Share (Not Annualized): The Earnings per Share for quarter ended 30.06.2015 was Rs.0.56 as against Rs. 1.40 in Q1 2014-15.

3. Book Value per Share: The BVPS was at Rs. 66.05 as on 30.06.2015 as compared to Rs. 68.34 as on 30.06.2014.
1. Cost to Income Ratio: The Cost to Income ratio reduced to 50.35% for the Q1 June 2015 as compared to 57.34% for similar period of the previous year.

2. Yield on Advances: Yield on advances stood at 10.40% as compared to 10.89% for similar period of the previous year.

3. Cost of Funds: Cost of funds reduced from 6.44% to 6.22% for Q1 2015-16.
 The Bank’s network has spread across 7981 functional Units spread across 29 States and 5 Union Territories.
 1880 Branches, 1850 ATMs & 107 MahaGram Seva Kendras.
 Best Bank in Public Sector—-BFSI Award by World HRD Congress

 Best Bank in Public Sector—-ABP NEWS BFSI Award
 Launched “ Purple Previleges” Account for HNIs-with features like Assistance of Dedicated Relationship Manager, specially designed Purple Lounges, Free unlimited No. of Debit card transactions at ATMs of our Bank & any other banks, Higher Transaction Limit on ATM-cum-Debit card(per day) etc.

 Launched Mobile Banking app- “MahaMobile” -Designed to be intuitive and user friendly, MahaMobile App will enable the Bank’s customers to view all their deposit and loan accounts, do fund transfers, bill payments and raise a variety of service requests on their mobile anytime, anywhere.

 MoU with Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust for credit facilitation and mentoring services to deserving entrepreneurs under the program called “BYST-BoM Entrepreneur Development Programme”



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