Bear it with Internet Explorer as Microsoft is ‘not killing’ it just yet


Washington: Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has although slipped lower and lower on the popularity meter in the past few years, however, several Windows users, including celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, came to its rescue after Microsoft hinted that it might squash the ageing browser.

The confusion started when Microsoft’s Chris Capossela said at the Microsoft Convergence event on Monday that the company was working on a new browser name and brand that will feature in Windows 10, reported Mashable.

Capossela added that the project was codenamed “Project Spartan.”

This statement was read as a hint that the IE browser in the upcoming Windows OS will be replaced by another browser. However, Microsoft late clarified that the IE browser will be very much alive.

A spokesperson said, ” Project Spartan is Microsoft’s next generation browser, built just for Windows 10.”

The firm said that it will continue to make Internet Explorer available with Windows 10 for enterprises and other customers who require legacy browser support.


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