Bengali and Awadhi menu introduction at Shakahari, JW Marriott Pune


Pune: Shakahari, JW Marriott Pune’s authentic vegetarian restaurant, is presenting a lavish menu from the heritage rich lands of Awadh and Bengal. This carefully curated experience, created by Maharaj Jai Kishen and his team, will truly reflect the royal culinary inheritance of these regions.
The Awadhi feast will give patrons a chance to indulge in offer an array of authentic recipes bringing out the varied flavours and culinary techniques that originated from the Awadh region. The dishes include Arbi Ki Nihari, a delicious stew slow cooked to perfection with Colocasscia roots, Mirchon Wala Paneer, rich creamy cottage cheese with the spicy tang of peppers simmered in curry, Subz Zafrani Korma, a medley of vegetables cooked with saffron and other aromatic spices, Kathal Biryani, a delicious rice pilaf cooked in stock, spices and jackfruit and piping hot Warqi Parathas.
Seamlessly blending tradition and flavor, the Bengali spread will allow guests to indulge in a range of delicacies such as Lau Posto, an aromatic Bengali delicacy of bottle gourd cooked with poppy seeds, Phool Kopir Kalia, cauliflower cooked in spicy tangy tomato poppy seed curry, Kosha Alur Dom, deliciously Stir fried new potatoes mingled with dry spices, Shona Muger Dal, yellow lentils roasted in heavy ghee and tempered with mild spices, and Ghee Bhaat, an age old heirloom recipe of rice cooked with clarified butter and nuts and Radhaballavi.
Complete this royal meal with the most decadent desserts from ‘Misthan Bhandar’ which will give patrons a glimpse of what the Indian royalty would traditionally indulge in.
Shakahari with its ever evolving menu allows guests indulge in royal cuisines from across the country. This time, come over to JW Marriott Pune to feast on the royal and authentic flavours from Awadh and Bengal.
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