Bharat Forge awarded Recognition Prize – Energy Efficiency Award 2015


Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) – the German Energy Agency awarded the Recognition Prize of its international Energy Efficiency Award to Bharat Forge Limited, as part of its Initiative EnergieEffizienz.

The competition is run by dena with the support of its premium partners Covestro AG, Danfoss GmbH and DZ BANK AG and funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag. Bharat Forge was the only Non-German company to receive this award.

The Recognition Prize of the Energy Efficiency Award 2015 was awarded to Bharat Forge Limited by the Jury as it succeeded in significantly reducing energy consumption at its Indian site in Pune, thanks to the introduction of a demand-oriented and optimized control system for the central cooling. Substantial energy savings have been achieved with the introduction of simple measures and moderate investment. The central cooling process was automated and new technologies and closed loop controls were installed to achieve the required energy saving results.

Mr. Amit Kalyani, Executive Director, Bharat Forge mentioned, “Bharat Forge Limited first introduced an energy management system and developed an in-plant energy efficiency strategy back in 2008. Energy conservation is one of our prime goals and we focus on energy management not only in our product offerings but our entire business operations as part of our efforts to reduce Carbon Footprint. The company-wide online energy management system enables energy flows to be controlled at any time and to be further optimized in a continual process. Additional measures to increase energy efficiency are planned in the future, including the installation of additional energy-efficient pumps and motors. I am proud of my team for this achievement.”

Systematic approach and continuous improvements after completion are the key factors of this project. The company strategies for energy conservation are innovation, supply energy as per requirement and monitor & reduce. This project clearly demonstrates that energy management systems worldwide are an appropriate mean of monitoring energy consumption, identifying potential savings and developing energy saving measures and consequently implementing them efficiently. The project stands as an excellent role model for other Indian companies and is highly transferable to other businesses and industries.


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