‘Blessed To Serve’, an inspirational autobiography of Philanthropist Shantilal Muttha


Pune: Blessed To Serve’ – an inspirational autobiography of Shantilal Muttha, co-authored by Sudha Menon, was launched on 5th September 2015, at the prestigious 3rd Pune International Literary Festival, held at YASHADA.
​ Also present at the launch were​ Dr. K.H. Sancheti, Krishnakumar Goyal and several other dignitaries and guests.

The launch event saw an interesting conversation between Muttha and Menon, giving an insight into the mind of a man who undertook a singular journey to effect social change. A dynamic social entrepreneur who dedicated his life to the causes that drive him, Muttha has made his mark in the areas of education, social engineering and disaster management.

‘Blessed To Serve’ is the amazing journey of Shantilal Muttha, who was born an impoverished village boy, but went on to become a successful entrepreneur so that he could earn the resources that would enable him to devote himself completely to social development. Muttha’s story is unique. He is neither a politician nor one in the making. His only interest is to change lives, and he has committed his life to make that happen.

“My early life adventures and experiences taught me many things, instilled many qualities in me that have stood me in good stead all these years. Risk-taking, experimenting with new things, and getting involved in things that others would never dream of venturing into, became second nature to me”, said Muttha, who is the Founder and Chairman of Shantilal Muttha Foundation and Bhartiya Jain Sanghatana.

Very few of his peers have reached the pinnacle of success in a short time and changed gears the way he did from a highly reputed and successful businessman to becoming a social change agent. What is also remarkable is the courage of his convictions.

It is this spirit of commitment that has also propelled Muttha to work towards integrating value education into the existing education system in government schools. He firmly believes that children are the future of this country, and to raise them to be honest, upright citizens with a sense of the fair, the good, the correct and the just is crucial.

Says Sudha Menon, “When I first met him, I considered my work with him as simply another project, but over the next few months, as I worked closely with him, I developed a sneaking admiration for the man, his selflessness, his attention to every detail, his refusal to let circumstances pull him down, and his overriding positivity”.

‘Blessed To Serve’ is truly a transformational experience that will change one’s approach towards life and our fellow beings.The 272 pages book is priced at Rs.295 and is available at all Crossword stores in India.


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