Care Lifestyle Celebrates Holistic Health

You Care Lifestyle

You Care Lifestyle, an honest wellness market was created Last October

INDIA: With many brand claims and deceptive marketing techniques today, trusting any platform or product is risky. Luke Coutinho & his team of experts faced a similar dilemma a few years ago. That’s where they decided to implement the change we all wished to see. Hence, on 7th October 2021, You Care Lifestyle, an honest wellness market was created.

We couldn’t find an honest platform because our line of work needs it, so we created one.” – Says Luke Coutinho, co-founder of You Care Lifestyle

Our first year has been an incredible success:

  • With more than 250 ethical brands happily connected with us.
  • We are seeing a 35% return audience, which grows monthly.
  • The top-selling category is nutrition, with the most popular searches being oats, sattu & honey.
  • Currently, our wellness market receives more than 3500 visitors per day, and this number is expected to continue to increase substantially
  • Over 1.4 million people and counting have already viewed Luke’s core message.
  • To invite our health-conscious consumers to celebrate with us we are offering up to 60% off for the first time for the entire month of October.

As we celebrate our first anniversary, we also continue to work towards our vision to ensure that we only offer products that are clean, safe, non-GMO, honest, authentic, and free of harmful chemicals.

And We continue to have a simple and clear plan for the future. Through our platform, we aim to create a healthy, ethical, and sustainable food chain across India and worldwide by supporting our farmers, vendors, and ethical producers.

Our objective is to achieve this by expanding our assortment, opening retail experience centers, and collaborating with even more ethical brands to continue to build a movement towards a healthy society and planet.