Cathay Pacific & Dragonair launch #ONEDAYOFFLINE to encourage richer travel experiences


Cathay Pacific Airways has launched a new global campaign, #onedayoffline, which builds on the airline’s international brand campaign, Life Well Travelled, to demonstrate a belief that travelling well is essential to living well. This belief underlies everything that Cathay Pacific does as it strives to enhance the overall travel experience for passengers and enable them to experience more genuine, meaningful and memorable moments along their journey.

Cathay Pacific believes that mobile technologies and social media platforms are useful tools, but they can be dangerously addictive. Did you know an average adult checks his or her phone 150 times a day? Or that 30% of iPhone users check their Twitter feeds before getting out of bed? This virtual world behaviour might get in the way of some very special real world moments.

The airline continually strives to enhance the overall travel experience, and believes that travelling well is an important part of living well. Cathay Pacific aims to create a social media movement to discover what Life Well Travelled means to fellow passengers, and to inspire travellers to see the world in different ways, to experience richer real world moments and creating more meaningful memories. Through #onedayoffline, travellers will be encouraged to experience the world from a whole new perspective simply by switching off their online connection next time they travel.

All global travellers are invited to join this movement and make a promise at about how they will spend a blissfully unconnected day on their next journey. They will then share the promise with the world via various social media platforms, and invite friends to make their own promise.

Cathay Pacific General Manager Marketing, Loyalty Programmes & CRM Julian Lyden said: “Life Well Travelled is Cathay Pacific’s core brand philosophy which leads to the #onedayoffline campaign. At Cathay Pacific, we believe that travelling well is an important part of living well. When you travel well, your trip can become more rewarding.

“We are aware that many travellers are overly reliant on their internet-connected mobile devices and the habit of always being online can sometimes get in the way of our travel experiences. Through the launch of #onedayoffline, we aim to remind and help people to travel well, creating a deeper emotional connection between Cathay Pacific and our global travellers,” Mr Lyden continued.

Influential bloggers, top YouTube and Instagram users and celebrities from around the world will be taking part in the #onedayoffline campaign. They include Devin Graham from the United States, who has over more than 3 million followers on his YouTube channel, and well-known artists such as Hong Kong DJ/actor Sammy Leung. All will be supporting #onedayoffline by switching their devices off and recognising real moments during their next journey.

Rajesh Menon, Sales and Marketing Manager, South Asia says,” We live in a fast paced, action filled world where the power of online dominates our life. We are all glued to our mobile devices and often miss out on the precious moments life has to offer. #onedayoffline is a campaign that is in sync with our brand philosophy that life should be lived well. Whilst travel is an important component to this, investing in relationships, being fulfilled, being open minded and curious, staying healthy and looking after our environment are at the heart of a Life Well Travelled. We look forward to our passengers taking part in this campaign and pledging to enjoy a day offline on their next travel “


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