CEEAMATECH-2019 Event For Electrical Engineering.


Organized by Consulting Electrical Engineers Association Of Maharashtra. (CEEAMA) Event managed by FAIRACT 

  • CEEAMATECH-2019 Exhibition started, from 8th February 2019 at Chinchwad.
  • Mega event for electrical engineering fraternity
  • Creating a pool between consulting electrical engineers, Contractors, suppliers, product manufactures
  • Manifesto for devolvement of Statutory procedures to ensure Electrical safety.
  • Engineering students contribution to the event for encouraging them to become a future entrepreneur

The inaugural function of the event took place at the hands of Mr. Ranjan Mathur(Director of Engineering MIS ACER solutions), Mr. Anil Bhandari (Honorary president of CEEAMA), Mr. Mohan Kelkar (Treasurer of CEEAMA), Mr. Suhas Keskar (Secretary- CEEAMA), Mr. Arvind Gadre (Director- CEEAMA), Mr. Vinayak Vaidya (Director-CEEAMA), Mr. Ambuj Rastogi (Director- CEEAMA).

CEEAMA was formed in 2004 with an aim to create a platform for consulting electrical engineers fraternity. Consulting Electrical Engineers Association of Maharashtra (CEEAMA) is registered under companies Act 1956, under section 25 as amended.

Current focus areas covered by CEEAMA are:

  1. Electrical Safety
  2. Energy Conservation
  3. Solar Power

CEEAMA conducts training programs for members and other electrical engineers to educate them in said areas in the form of workshops, factory visits and discussions related to case studies. This helps in lifting the benchmark of engineering knowledge within CEEAMA associates. Members work in different areas of electrical consultancy & engineering and share their experiences and newly gathered knowledge.

CEEAMA website www.ceeama.org is geared to cater to the new generation of electrical engineers by sharing the knowledge DIGITALLY.

CEEAMATECH is a series of technical events arranged by CEEAMA every year. CEEAMATECH 2019 is 7th in this series.

On the Occasion, Mr Anil Bhandari (Honorary president of CEEAMA) said, “Exhibition is an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their products, display new technologies. This will provide a unique opportunity to electrical engineers to know details on the range of products available, an opportunity to witness the new state of the art technologies.”

“Various technical presentations and panel discussions for all three days will be an excellent opportunity for young Electrical Consultants & engineers to learn about electrical safety, electrical accidents – reasons for accidents, statutory regulations for electrical safety. These programs will also highlight ongoing CEEAMA efforts and follow up with government authorities related to electrical system stability, creating chartered electrical engineers to help Industry and government authorities implementing electrical safety” He added.

Some of the reputed companies participating in CEEAMATECH-2019 are as follows:

ABB India Ltd, Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd, PR Kabel, Sterling & Wilson, C & S Electric Ltd, Consul Neowatt, Delta India Electronics Pvt. Ltd, LAPP India Pvt. Ltd, Success Engineers, Jindal Rectifiers.


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