Celebration of 68th Republic day at Pune Police Public School


Pune Police Public School (KG section) celebrated 68th Republic Day. They say values should be inculcated in children from a very young age. School is a place where we cultivate the right values to make children into good citizens of future.

Catch them Young is what we believe in. Keeping this in mind, for the first time we encouraged our children to speak few lines on Social values and civic sense. It was all on voluntary basis. Those interested to speak had to submit their topic to the respective class-teacher.

Many children right from Mini KG (3yrs-3.5yrs) up to Sr.KG (5yrs-5.5 yrs) gave in their names for the same . The topics varied right from Save Trees, Traffic Rules, Swaccha Bharat, Hygiene, Save Water to Saving the Girl Child.

Children spoke about how dangerous it is to use mobiles while driving, or how important it is to use helmets, or how trees are a important part of this ecosystem or even the equality of a girl and a boy and educating the girl child. Children also spoke about how we could keep our surrounding clean and doing so play a small role in Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan.

Children who came up on the stage and spoke were given a small token of appreciation on behalf of the school.

We at Pune Police Public School believe “In creating an excellent citizen who is smart, understanding, compassionate, and responsible.”



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