Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport ensures readiness to resume operations


MUMBAI:  With the recent directive by the Government of India, suspending all commercial passenger flights until April 14 midnight, GVK-led Mumbai International Airport managing Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) continues to remain operational with a curtailed staff of over 500 personnel working endlessly for vital cargo operations and emergency evacuation flights if any at the same time safeguarding safety precautions at the airport. 

In this unprecedented time, CSMIA continues aggressively operating its cargo handling activities to cater to the greater need for mobilizing and supplying essential commodities across India and the world. The items include pharmaceutical goods, medical equipment, which are approved by the regulatory bodies and customs. CSMIA which is the largest gateway for Pharma products in India persists to operate its cargo handling activities with minimal utility staff every day. 

In addition, the various team at CSMIA including E&M, security (CISF), operations staff, etc. for ensuring maintenance and safety of the airport during this lockdown. The airport maintenance staff continue to effectively sanitize and fumigate the entire terminal buildings including the vital areas where tactile interface, as in human hands come in to play – like elevator buttons, escalators, etc. implementing measures to prevent any potential spread of the virus and assure the well-being of the passengers, once operations resume.  

Furthermore, at this crucial hour BEST services have extended its support to GVK MIAL for smooth transfer of the airport staff from across different zones in Mumbai. In coordination with the Police department, special passes have been issued for facilitating the employees commute to the airport safely. CISF has been working round the clock to ensure the safety and security of the airport. 

Passenger and employee welfare hold the highest priority for GVK MIAL and the airport endeavours to provide utmost care to all its stakeholders. GVK MIAL continues to enhance its healthcare and safety service by undertaking various healthcare initiatives and alert programs. These programs further ensure good health and precaution of all its employees, business partners and internal and external stakeholders. 


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