Closing ceremony of 4 days of ARTS- Asian Reincarnation and Theosophical Seminar


Mumbai: Asian Reincarnation and Theosophical Seminar (ARTS) took place from 10th – 13th September . The concluding ceremony of ARTS witnessed dignitaries who participated in the seminar. The concluding day of ARTS saw the obliging presence of Dr. H. R. Nagendra & Priya Dutt who shared a few words of wisdom and shared their experience with the attendees.

The last day witnessed the presence of Sanjay Nirupam, Pooja Bedi and Priya Dutt.

Spearheaded by Geeta Nirupam, she says “At ARTS we work towards creating an increased awareness and acceptance of reincarnation, regression therapy, related esoteric and spiritual sciences and complementary healing techniques as a valid form of healing along with related theosophical teachings among people in India and Asia” further adding “Spiritual sciences have helped countless people pull through some of the toughest periods of their lives and ARTS offers a platform to bring them together by creating an inter-connected portal of healing and spirituality”


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