Convergence Introduces uKnowva HRM for Retail Industry


India, June 1st 2017: Convergence Services has introduced uKnowva HRM for retail, an enterprise collaboration system tailor-made for everyday business requirements of large and small retail organisations. The 360-degree platform seamlessly manages people, customer servicing, invoicing and corporate collaborations for companies of all sizes.

Said Founder and CEO Vicky Jain, “uKnowva is becoming a company’s secure, private network that allows employees to collaborate, communicate and innovate. It helps create an energized work-ecosystem that brings out the creative potential of employees and makes them highly productive.”

An Indian homegrown product, uKnowva is finding many takers in the Indian retail industry that is quickly shifting to the system to achieve better cost and people efficiencies. uKnowva introduced HRM for retail companies with features to manage employee leaves and attendance. Retail companies are also integrating it with their current attendance management systems like access card machines and biometric scanners. HR managers are using HRM to manage leaves and employee shifts without emails and worksheets.

“uKnowva offers a platform for employees in the organization to communicate with each other, share knowledge, store files and documents, offer opinions and feedbacks, create profile, upload photos, videos, and do much more like a community. This leads to much better collective knowledge, creativity and productivity,” added Jain.

The system allows immediate updates and regular reminders for employees on meetings and events, and managers get daily sales reports sorted by state, city, location, and store. What’s more, the POS systems in stores can also be integrated with uKnowva to get real-time updates about sales made.

“All that plus the data remains within the digital walls of the organization, without any fear of confidential data getting leaked through external apps. The user-friendly interface makes uKnowva extremely easy to operate,” said Jain.


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