Crescendo Productions & Media Corp. Inc presents a Psychotic Brothers Film directed by Aziz Zee “Fattu Saala”


Mumbai: Between Hollywood’s superficial love affair with Mumbai’s slums and underworld, and Bollywood’s cleaned-up version of its glossy cosmopolitan façade, the city may just be one of the most frequently portrayed cities in mainstream film culture especially focusing the lives of slums.

Crescendo Productions & Media Corp. Inc. presents a Psychotic Brothers Film “Fattu Saala” directed by Aziz zee has shot most of the scenes of the film in Slums of Mumbai with the motive to showcase the real and not the reel side of the characters. The film is based on the real life story of the Gangsters in the slums. Movie characters and the scenes in the movie have been inspired by true events.

Director of the Movie Aziz Zee stated, “I would have constructed a studio or set for the movie but I wanted to give a natural touch and give a real feel to the movie, as a movie is all about getting connected to the audience. Shooting in real locations definitely makes the reel movie look real”.

“To make the movie look authentic, I did face a lot of logistics problems and security concerns. It is always said that in search of excellence you always go beyond your way, i guess I took the saying seriously and went out of my way to pursue excellence” further stated Aziz.


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