Cricket’s History in Bangladesh


Cricket is the most popular sport in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh National Cricket Team, also called the Tigers, represents the country in cricket tournaments. The team was formed in 1967. Today, the Tigers have worn status with Test, One-Day International, and T20 International.

Bangladesh was the first country to acquire the status of a Test-playing nation after they played their first Test match against India in 2000, which they lost. 4 years later, the team participated in another Test cricket tournament, playing against Zimbabwe. They won that time around. It was the team’s first victory.

The cricket team also played in the One Day International against Pakistan. They lost the match, but 12 years later, the team brought an ODI victory home when they played against Kenya and won. Their 1st T20 International match was against Zimbabwe in 2006. They were very fortunate to win this match, making it to the list of the first countries to win. Below is a breakdown of the tournaments the Bangladesh Cricket Team has participated in.

  • ICC Cricket World Cup

Until 2019, The Tigers had played over 40 matches in the World Cup Tournament. The team won 14 out of the 40 games and have lost to 25 of their opponents. In 2015, the team performed well and got to the quarterfinals. The Tigers have played 6 World Cup matches, and the 2015 tournament was the best performed so far.

  • ICC Champions Trophy

The Bangladesh National Cricket Team has played in 7 tournaments of the Champions Trophies – playing in all 12 matches. Despite this, the team has never won a trophy in this tournament, only winning a total of two games out of 12.

  • ICC T20 World Cup

Since Bangladesh became a Test-playing nation, its cricket team has played in all the T20 International World Cups. It has won 5 matches out of the 25 they played. They have lost to 19 teams, and in one game, they didn’t get their results. Their best performance in the T20 World Cup was in 2007, 2014, and 2016 when they reached the tournament’s second round.

Bangladesh best tournaments

Although the Bangladesh National Cricket Team has had a tough time competing against established teams, they have also had a fair share of the wins. Here are some of the team’s biggest successes.

  • 2015 World Cup; Bangladesh vs. England

Every World Cup was a challenge for Bangladesh, and it gave the team hope to be better. It started with the 2011 World Cup when they won three matches in the group matches – one against England. However, they were not lucky enough to feature in the World Cup.

The Tigers didn’t know that they would meet England again in the next World Cup in 2015. They scored a solid 275 runs in their 50 overs. People who were accustomed to the best betting sites in Bangladesh had a reason to celebrate because they won handsomely from good betting odds.  

  • 2007 Word Cup, Bangladesh Vs. India

2007 was a challenging year for India, but a victorious time for Bangladesh as they won 192/5 over their opponent. This was a big one for Bangladesh, considering they had lost in most matches previously.

However, India did not take the defeat well as they blamed it on the conflict and lack of oneness in the team. There were also many disagreements between Coach Greg Chappell and Sourav Ganguly. This win was the entry gate of Bangladesh to the Super Eight stages.


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