Delhi tops in hosting the largest and most diverse summit for entrepreneurs


Billionaire leaders of Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Business, and  retail spread awareness on entrepreneurship to every part of India”   

NEW DELHI:  Indian Business Leaders came together on one stage for the very first time as Dr. Vivek Bindra’s initiative “Everything about Entrepreneurship” summit was held for three days at Jawarharlal Nehru stadium for budding business owners who had the rare opportunity to watch and hear the game changers of our Nation under one roof.

Dr. Bindra’s team of experts from his start-up, Bada Business Pvt. Ltd was responsible to manage and organize the summit with managing all the verticals that needed time on the stage and our fundamental takeaways that remain universal across the family of Bada Business is to know the burning problem of your business owner so you identify and resolve it as smoothly as you could.

The summit had the presence of prestigious corporate giants such as Sanjeev Bajaj, Vice Chairman  & MD – Bajaj Capital, Mr. R S Sodhi, MD – Amul, Acharya Balkrishna, Co-Founder – Patanjali Ayurved along with Dr. Vivek Bindra who is recognized as the business coach responsible for shaping the new age corporate set-up with following the essence of traditional learning.  The speakers shared insight into the industry they lead and how they got there along with responding to the open questions from the audience members which is a very sweet and healthy way that the summit attendees witnessed stories of the legendary speakers with examples of their personal learning with an open floor to the question and answers for the audience. 

Approx. 3000+ SME’s attended the summit and the gathering also turned into a space to find motivation as the presence of such positivity made the obvious change in the air and brought out and transformed the energies that were pulling you down into becoming your allies. The accurate example of such an energy source and its transformer has to be Dr. Bindra. Not only just words but everything about him just outnumbers the negativity and his absence also asked for positivity, which came in a form of attendees asking for more content to be shared, etc.

Highlighting, the major & notable activities at the summit was the session with the man who made all of this possible and gave the spell-binding talk with full control over the audience just as a hypnotizer would have, the man has an immeasurable contribution to entrepreneurship as a field plus his fierce risk-taking quality and recognition as a game-changer defines Dr. Bindra in his truest form. His vision led him to launch the most successful start-up as Bada Business Pvt Ltd.

Speaking on this occasion Dr. Bindra said ”There has been constant progress in individuals approach to pursue business and that is clearly reflected in the way 3000+ audience turned up for the summit. Entrepreneurship is all about vision, we are glad to bring or shift that mind-set towards more and more people. Our program is unique and it’s the most Affordable Entrepreneurship Development and Training Program in Hindi which brings great value to SME’s.”

Overviewing as the start to some insights that are totally applicable and useful, Acharya Balkrishna, Co-Founder, Patanjali Ayurved said ”Instead of looking into others’ fault, we need to look into ourselves that what we are doing for the country and people, it’s our duty to be more productive to benefit others. Also, you need to work in such a way that people should love to be associated with you and your work.


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