Dev Diary video: The Unique Story of Battlefield Hardline – Episode 5


If you’re a fan of modern TV drama where you just can’t wait to see how the next episode will turn out, chances are you’ll love the story in Battlefield Hardline. Starting off with Nick Mendoza joining the Miami Police Department and teaming up with a new partner, the story of Hardline is designed as a cop show – a cop show that you can play.


In this Dev Diary video you’ll learn how the storytelling masters of Visceral broke down the whole plot in Battlefield Hardline into 10 episodes, just as in a TV show, while maintaining an overall story arc for the whole epic tale.

You’ll also get to meet the cast of Battlefield Hardline and witness their favorite, behind-the-scenes activity. So get ready for the most engaging Battlefield singleplayer story yet. Season premiere is March 17.


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