‘Dhatukam’ – the first ever magazine devoted to Engineering in Marathi


‘Udyam Prakashan’ has launched ‘Dhatukam’ a Marathi magazine devoted to engineering subjects. The inaugural issue of this magazine was  published at the hands of Shri Chandrakant Ninale (Joint Director, ITI, Pune Region). Shri Ashok Sathe (Founder-Director, Udyam Prakashan), Shri Bharat Joshi (Founder-Director, Udyam Prakashan) Shri Deepak Deodhar (Editor, Dhatukam) and Shri Vineet Sathe (Director, Udyam Prakashan) were present on the occasion.


The industry is going through several changes at the technological level. Computer Controlled (CNC) machines are being extensively used in the factories and workshops. There is an increasing need of operators to run these machines. To develop such a labor force for the small and medium sized industry is the need for today and tomorrow. Although English is seen to be used everywhere, the number of students who can actually read, write and speak this language is extremely low. It is necessary to make engineering books available in Marathi especially for students who are being educated in the Industrial Training Institutes. The main objective of producing such books is to make all the technological knowledge required for working in a workshop available in regional languages. For achieving this, the technical language has to be Marathi. Looking at this need, ‘Udyam Prakashan’ has endeavored to publish magazines and books in Marathi and distribute them to all concerned parties.



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