Dr. Seema Jain leads AAPI Delegation at 2015 regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in LA


Dr. Seema Jain, President of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) led a delegation of AAPI leaders at the 2015 Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) Convention in Los Angeles, California, a celebration marking Indian diaspora contributions that help to spur India’s development,

Organized in collaboration with the the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, the US government and other members of the diaspora, Dr. Jain addressed on healthcare initiatives by AAPI in India, “I was excited to lead an AAPI delegation and part of a panel that discussed healthcare in India and how we as physicians are able to make a positive impact,” Dr. Jain said.

During a panel discussion on Healthcare, Dr. Jain referred to the numerous initiatives AAPI has taken in India to make healthcare affordable, accessible and best quality. “AAPI has successfully collaborated with past Governments and with the new Government at the Center, we are looking forward to have renewed participation and engagement in areas related to health seeking to make a positive impact on Healthcare in India,” Dr. Jian told the delegates. “AAPI would like to make a positive meaningful impact on the healthcare in India.”

Dr. Jain drew the attention of the delegates to the Global health Summit by AAPI that continues to offer educational and training programs on areas that need special attention, including high priority areas such as Cardiology, Maternal & Child Health, Diabetes, Oncology, Surgery, Mental Health, HIT, Allergy, Immunology & Lung Health and Gastroenterology, Transplant and impact of comorbidities by world leaders in the field of medicine.

“The scientific program developed by leading experts with the contributions of a Scientific Advisory Board and International Scientific Committee, with live streaming of sessions, which are viewed live by physicians from around the world,” she said. Dr. Jain emphasized the need for digitalizing Indian medical system, including the prescriptions of medications, which will eliminate people abusing of and getting addicted to prescription drugs. In collaboration with others, AAPI has established fully operational Trauma/EMS system in Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahemedabad, Hyderabad and Delhi, since the year 2000.

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who has part of AAPI’s campaign to create awareness on Trauma and Brain Injury, has been requested to be part of the next Global Healthcare Summit to be held in New Delhi from January 1st to 3rd, 2016. AAPI’s focus of GHS 2016 will be on women-related issues, creating awareness among women on their role as nation builders, campaigning to prevent infant and maternal mortality, and mental health issues, Dr. Jain said.

AAPI Charitable Foundation (AAPI-CF) is the non-profit arm of AAPI, responsible for fulfilling the charitable mission of the organization. It runs 17 free clinics in India, which serve millions of patients annually. Overseeing participating in the healthcare initiatives at a number of free clinics run by its local and State chapters across USA, Dr. Jain said. AAPI is supporting three cancer centers and have developed three major trauma centers and a hospital in India. AAPI-CF has also raised funds and mobilized medical equipment and personnel for international disasters including the Tsunami, and Earthquakes in Gujarat and Maharashtra. In addition, AAPI’s local Chapters operate several free health clinics serving the uninsured and the underprivileged people across the United States

“AAPI has successfully collaborated with past Governments and with the new Government at the Center, we are looking forward to have renewed participation and engagement in areas related to health seeking to make a positive impact on Healthcare in India, Dr. Jain said. “AAPI would like to make a positive meaningful impact on the healthcare in India.”

Dr. urged every aspiring young physicians to take advantage of a unique initiative announced at the PBD in LA, the India Corporate Internship Program. “I wanted our young and aspiring physicians to take advantage of be part of the India Corporate Internship Program, a prestigious, first-of-its-kind program of the Government of India, Ministry of the Overseas Indian Affairs, through the Overseas Indian Facilitation Center (OIFC) in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for the students of Indian origin pursuing Post Graduate Programs in Management, Engineering, and Science & Technology at premier universities of the world,” Dr. Jain said.

The program invites them for paid internships in world class Indian companies for 2-6 months.
Some of the world’s best healthcare providers, including Apollo Hospitals, Narayana Health, and Max Group are only a few who are looking forward to our budding physicians to be part of thie great initiative.

This program offers students of Indian Origin an opportunity to re-connect with their roots and work in their areas of interest in a dynamic multicultural environment, through paid internships.
It is a unique and exciting opportunities for Indian Diaspora students to contribute and benefit from one of the world’s foremost, vibrant and increasingly global Indian business eco-system.
-US $2200 per month. Students could explore options such as a matching grant or support in some other way from their University.

The host company will either provide accommodation in a hotel/guest house or recommend suitable stay options. Interested candidates can apply to the program on the OIFC website (www.oifc.in/india-corporate-internship/about) or the University recruitment portal.

Wanted to draw your attention to the 10th anniversary of our annual Global Health Summit from January 1 – 3, 2016 at the prestigious ITC Maurya Hotel, New Delhi. With the changing trends and statistics in healthcare, both in India and US, AAPI is refocusing our mission and vision of GHS 2016, AAPI would like to collaborate with local partners in India towards making a positive meaningful impact on the healthcare in India. The mission of AAPI is to share best practice and experiences from leading experts in the world and develop actionable plans for launching demonstration projects that enable access to affordable and quality healthcare for all people. “Come and join us at this historic Summit and be part of our Pre-Summit events to Vrindavan in Mathura, and the Taj Mahal in Agra,” Dr. Seema said.


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