Easy Tips for Winning the Mega Contest in Dream 11

Dream 11
Dream 11

With more than seven crore active accounts on Dream 11, the chances of winning the grand league are slim. There is no denying you need hard work and luck to win the mega contest. But, here we are going to share with you some easy and interesting tricks to win the mega contest seven times in Dream 11 like app. So, do you want to get an edge over other players? You have come to the right place! Let’s get started with the tips:

  • Dream 11 has recently changed its maximum team limit from 6 to 11.  Remember that the more teams you create, the higher the chances you will win the contest. So, try to create multiple teams. 
  • Choosing the best players that have been giving a wonderful performance for the past few matches is a good idea. But, if you want to increase your winning chances, you will need to select those with a lower selection per cent. 
  • Most people select openers as the captain and the wicketkeeper. Make sure that only a few openers are capable of being a good captain, a decent batsman, and a good wicketkeeper. So, we recommend you choose the player in the second or third batting position as the captain. If the captain does not perform well and the players in the lower batting order do well, your chances of winning will increase.
  • Never add openers to your Dream 11 team in every single match. Your chances of winning the match drop drastically if the opener goes to the pavilion in 2-3 overs. You should rather choose one-down or two-down batsman for your fantasy cricket team. Don’t worry about the players you will get. Many top batsmen including Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, and Joe Root bat in the second and third positions.
  • It is possible that you lose the match due to the poor performance of one player. Perhaps, your team did an amazing job. The captain, vice-captain, and every other player in your team gave their best. But, you lose it because of one player. That’s why you should try to create 3-4 teams with the same players. Change a few players and keep the captain and vice-captain the same. You might lose the match if the captain and vice-captain underperform. But, if they do well, then your chances of winning the grand league are quite good.

Did you Lose Grand League Due to the Captain and Vice-Captain?

  • Anything could happen in Dream 11 predictions for today’s match. No matter how great the captain you choose, there is always a chance they might not perform up to par. Maybe, the whole line-up gives an amazing performance (except for the captain and vice-captain). In that case, you will have to make three teams, each featuring the same 11 players, but different captains and vice-captains. Now that you have different captains for each team, the chances of losing the mega contest because of choosing the wrong captains are low.
  • The 10 players you choose for your fantasy cricket team must have an amazing track record. However, the 11th player must be the one with a lower selection per cent. You can also choose this 11th player as your team captain. If the captain and this 11th player play well, then you are highly likely to win the mega contest. Unfortunately, if the 11th player underperforms, you still have the captain and vice-captain that can help you recover your money. 

So, these were some tips for winning the Dream 11 grand league. Choose the best team members and increase your chances of winning the grand league.


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