Energy efficient and intelligent pumping solutions for smart cities from Grundfos India


Chennai: The idea of smart cities is to cultivate cities to grow smarter, and tackle the challenges of large-scale urbanization while finding new ways to be more sustainable through increased efficiency, reduced expenses and improved quality of life. A critical element in the development of these cities lies in the adoption of technologies and infrastructure for energy, water supply and waste water management through intelligent transport networks. Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd (Grundfos India), one of the leading pump manufacturers has the right solution for such needs. With its energy and water efficient pumps along with remote management systems, Grundfos’ solutions can also provide the solution for monitoring these networks.

Grundfos’ Demand Driven Distribution is a solution aimed at addressing the water pressure issues, directly at the consumer’s end. This solution is based on multi-pump operation at proportional pressure, where the system is designed to supply precisely the flow needed at the pressure required, with a number of pumps running at best efficiency point, instead of one big pump. Along with a good system for water supply, the smart cities also need an equally efficient sewage system. Grundfos’ sewage pumps are efficiently designed for applications such as transfer of unscreened raw sewage and raw water, pumping of water containing sludge and industrial effluents. Grundfos has identified and understood the role of internet technology for smart cities and has already implemented technological intelligence in its pumping solutions across the world, through Grundfos Remote Management. This Remote Management tool is a secure, internet-based system for monitoring and managing pump installations in commercial buildings, water supply networks, wastewater plants, etc.

Considering Grundfos’ focus on sustainability, the company’s pumps are designed to provide optimal energy efficiency throughout its lifecycle. With the problem of increase in demand and limited resources to fulfill the demand becoming a reality, Grundfos pumps provide the right solution by ensuring minimum utilization of energy and water while delivering peak results. Grundfos also has an impressive range of solar pumps which help overcome the dependence on grid power for water supply. Being energy-efficient, the pumps also have lower operational costs.

Sanjeev Sirsi, Head – Water Utility, Grundfos India, says, “Grundfos has always been a forerunner in pioneering smart technologies which are sustainable. We are confident that our energy efficient and reliable solutions will be the precise choice for the smart cities and we look forward to partner with reputed stakeholders for the same.”


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