“Creativity has always been my passion” says Poonam Shende who has not just spelled her brilliance in the Interior Industry but also carved her name as a successful producer with some of the best work to her kitty.

Mrs. Shende’s enthusiasm for creating brilliant designs is contagious and she drives her team of designers with utmost gusto and passion. Poonam Shende Studio has beautified almost 450,000 sq.ft. of space till now and moving forward with extra-ordinary eagerness in India & Dubai (UAE). Her strong points have been her eyes for detailing, work ethics, experimentation and fervor.

Mrs. Shende is successfully doing ‘celebrity interior design’ . She has recently done interior for musical duo Ajay Atul and Marathi actress Tejaswini Pandit. Also she has association with the Mrs. Gauri Khan for luxurious interior design.

A perfectionist to the core,  Poonam says: “I am someone who wants things right. I see that things are clean and fine. I do pick up issues with various things in places that I design, because the design is not just important. The services and the administration also needs to be good. There are times when I fail, but I am constantly trying to give my best.

Holding a passion for films since her childhood, Poonam Shende marked her foray into entertainment with her first venture “Matter” as a producer under the banner of her own production house “Saarrthi Entertainment”.

Successive to that, Poonam produced “Swami Public limited’ a film which was a society bound subject. In the entire process of these films,“Swami Public limited’ earned tremendous amount of goodwill within the fraternity and outside.

‘Like the creativity can shape anything possible in any terms if it owes the potential’ Poonam Shende presented her first film “Pindadaan – A Mystical Love Story” under the banner of Saarrthi Entertainment “ I have successfully done the entire Marketing & Distribution’s strategic planning and implementation in terms of film’s merit. And now, by using my whole expertise and knowledge in the entertainment filed, We do the entire Marketing & Distribution process”

“As I am partner with music duo Ajay-Atul for film production, Our first venture “Jaundya Na Balasaheb” received rave reviews and won appreciation and accolades nbot just from the audience but also from the industry. Also I am coming with the “Busstop” with other partners in the end of 2016” adds Poonam Shende.

The upfront & ambitious Poonam wishes to expand her horizon and venture into the world of acting “Yes, acting is definitely on the cards. Although I don’t have any experience but acting is a genre I would love to explore”



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