Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) creates a BUZZ!


Pune: The world’s largest peer-to-peer network of entrepreneurs has now ‘made a mark’ in Pune, Maharashtra by setting the stage to celebrate the spirit of ‘never-ending learning’ in an Entrepreneurs’ life!

Since 1987, EO has been transforming the lives of the entrepreneurs who transform the world. As the global thought leader on entrepreneurship, EO plays an integral role in business, industry and the lives of leading entrepreneurs everywhere.

EO South Asia is fast growing with an existing network of 15 chapters across India and Nepal. The network in EO South Asia is a magnanimous array of entrepreneurs from across sectors: power, food, chemicals, dairy, leather, construction, auto and auto components, newspaper and railway components. With combined sales of US$86.7 billion and total direct employee strength of more than 807,987 people, the region is charting a strategic growth plan for the next five years with the aim of bringing more entrepreneurs into the community.

EO undertakes several initiatives across its chapters to foster learning, development and inclusive growth within the entrepreneur community. It brings together the brightest minds across sectors and sparks intelligent discourse to drive the spirit of success, integrity and continued learning among its members. With once-in-a-lifetime experiences and opportunities to engage with industry experts and mentors,

EO brings its members closer to success. Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Rahul Sangoi, communications Chair, EO Pune said said, “As entrepreneurs, we are all very busy building our own companies. EO serves as a binding force, bringing together entrepreneurs from different walks of life, drawing their individual strengths towards a shared goal of inclusive growth, learning and prosperity. We are very excited about hosting this event and hope to continue growing this network, building from one success to the next.”

EO is all about experience sharing and 360 degree learning through peer to peer interaction and getting experts to speak on varied topics ranging from Business, Spirituality, Parenting, etc. Speakers at the EO Spark will be covering a range of topics like Make of India, Buzzing Technologies, Buzzing Sectors for Private Equity, Building companies through scratch and how to raise equity, Branding, Marketing etc. EO Spark will have a number of speakers such as Mr. VSS Mani (Co-Founder/CEO of JustDial), Mr. Vikas Bahl (Producer, Director of hit movie QUEEN), Mr. Piyush Pandey (Chairman & NCD, O&M India), Mr. Anand Deshpande (Co-Founder/CEO of Persistent Systems) among many other more.

Over the course of the three day event, there will be many activities which will happen such as a heritage walk which will take people through the cultural history of Pune, a performance by Vir Das at blueFROG, EO Race Day, a yoga session conducted by Dr. Renu Mahatani and many more activities!

Also present at the launch was Mr.Vijay Tirathrai, CEO of Entrepreneurs’ Organization.


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