Eve Group Dazzles at Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week


Beijing: The new season of the Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week (15/16 autumn and winter series) was officially held in Beijing. Eve Group made a huge splash by showing off an exquisite array of clothes boasting thick and heavy colors and simple styles. Below are four of Eve Group’s China Fashion Week highlights.

Eve-Group-modelHighlight 1: Skillfully Combining Chinese and Western Elements

The 40 suits of this season skillfully combined Chinese elements and Western style successfully. Eve weakened the models’ masculine outline by introducing butterfly patterns on men’s clothes. Eve’s attempts in women’s clothing were apparent and the Eve de CINA turned out to be the greatest highlight of this fashion show.

Highlight 2: Awakening Beautiful Traditional Skill

Eve introduced fascinating Miao nationality embroidery art on in its garments as a way of exhibiting traditional Chinese art and modern elements.

Highlight 3: Magnificent European Castle

The Eve show stage – Beijing Garden Expo European Hall was filled with the glamour of European royal gardens. The two buildings of the Hall bear great resemblance to two European castles. Walking into the castle, the artware and droplights that could be seen everywhere were alive with the designers’ superb ingenuity. If the Eve members’ great passion for life and their ingenuity were compared to music, it would be akin to a symphony.

Highlight 4: Showing Unbounded Concepts for the First Time

Eve’s global designer space helps provide clients and designers with an efficient platform for communication and offers the most direct communication between businesses and world-famous design talents. This space also proves to be a medium that enables Eve to expand its design and make fashion aesthetics to develop in a horizontal way.

Eve has also entered into cooperation with Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design so as to enable design and innovation to win general approval and to keep fashion aesthetics in continuous inheritance. The high-grade EVE de CINA 15 ready-made clothes series have inherited traditional Chinese handicraft whilst exploring the way to harmonize men and nature. In the coming future Eve is bound to play a leading role in China’s fashion brands and to open up the new pattern of international fashion design.