Farmers Get Creative during Festive Season, Introduce Food Baskets with Navratri Themes

Kisan Konnect
  • Basket of nine colored fruits (Navrang) to mark nine days of Navratri
  • Introduce readymade ‘Fasting Basket’ for Customers

PUNE: With the festive season fully on and most people indulging in the festive preparations, the farmers of the Shirdi-based KisanKonnect have innovatively introduced baskets which mark the festivals of Navratri and Dussehra. This includes a festive-themed nine colored fruit basket and fasting basket. This is a unique feature that the farmers are using to attract customers from urban metros such as Mumbai, Thane, & Pune.

Representing one of the fastest-growing farm-to-fork Farmers Producers Company, the farmers of KisanKonnect have created a fruit basket that represents nine colors of fruits to mark the Navratri festival. The Navrang Basket, which consists of nine fresh seasonal fruits, represents the days of nine colors of Navratri, include Wooden Apple, Oranges, White Dragon Fruit, Red Apple, Blueberry, Banana, Green Kiwi, Purple Plum, and Green Apple.

Along with this, the farmers have also created a basket which will help their customers during fasting days. The Navrat Basket includes items such as Bhagar, Sabudana, Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes, etc. which are heavily consumed during fasting the periods.

This is a unique trend that the farmers of KisanKonnect are introducing to help their customers get into the festive mood. As the Covid-19 crisis rages on in the country and the majority of the people observing subdued celebrations.

KisanKonnect, a Farmers Producers Company (FPO), which was started by farmers during the beginning of lockdown is setting a precedent for the farming community on how to market and sell their produce directly to the customers.


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