Finolex Industries Limited set up Medical Camps along the Ambaji Padyatra routes to provide First Aid


Thousands embarked on the pilgrimage, travelling on foot and carrying religious flags over 180 kilometres during Ambaji Padyatra. Finolex Industries Limited provided immense support to the devotees. From distributing Prasad to offering first aid treatment to those who fell sick on the long and often arduous journey. The company offered Uperna’s to all, Prashad to the devotees in pouches and books filled with a collection of Maa Durga Shlokas and mantras.

Lakhs of devotees set out on the Padyatra to offer prayers to the Goddess on the day of the Ambaji fair which was held on Bhadarva Poonam ie on the day of the full moon of the Bhadarva month.

The yatra covers two routes for the journey: a)Ahmedabad to Ambaji via Mehsana via Visnagar, Kheralu, Danta to Ambaji and b) Ahmedabad to Ambaji via Chiloda, Himmatnagar, via Ider, Vadali, Khedbrahma to Ambaji. The medical camps are set up along the two routes throughout the yatra. The entire Yatra left Ahmedabad on September 21st 2015 and will cumulate at Ambaji on September 28th , 2015.

At the Finolex organized medical posts, three Doctors and nurses are treating the pilgrims. The camps offer basic first aid\medicines for Fever/Headache, wounds, cough, indigestion, Diarrhoea, Dehydration, Weakness, Pain, Injuries/Sprains/ lacerations, Allergies, and Eye/Ear complaints. Apart from treatment, the pilgrims also receive a Finolex Zip Lock Pouch that contain some basic tablets, ointment, glucose and crepe bandages.

“We have often seen that in their enthusiasm to pay obeisance to the Goddess many people fall sick along the way. The spirit is willing but sometimes the body is not especially during hot weather. This is a small effort on our part to provide relief to them. Distribution of Prasad is our humble way of paying obeisance to the Devi,” said Chirag Paghadar of Finolex Industries Ltd.

Finolex Industries Ltd, India’s leading manufacturer of PVC Pipes & Fittings and PVC Resins. The company through its CSR arm, the Mukul Madhav Foundation continuously works for the benefit of society be it creating awareness for breast cancer, enabling little ones to undergo heart surgery or joining hands with Kushal to impart plumbing skills to workers.


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