FLO Pune Chapter extends a helping hand to the families at Pimpri Sandas village and Kirkee


Distributes over 4,500 bottles of homeopathy medicines to the residents of Pimpri Sandas and Kirkee Cantonment Board to help boost their immune system.

 PUNE: As the Corona, pandemic is spreading at a rapid pace in the city as well in the surrounding rural areas, the members of the FLO (FICCI Ladies Organization) Pune considering the urgency distributed about 4,500 bottles of Arsenic Album 30 to the families in the Pimpri Sandas village and also to the residents at the Kirkee Cantonment Board (KCB), which is a containment zone to help build their immunity against COVID-19.

The homeopathic medicines were sponsored by Simran Jethwani of OYE Foundation also a member of FLO with the help of Dr. Nandkumar Zambare, a Pune-based, Homeopathic Consultant.

The organization distributed about 1,500 bottles of the medicine at Pimpri Sandas, a village near Pune, which it has adopted and about 3,000 bottles at KCB. The bottles were handed over to Anna Borde, Sarpanch of the village, and to Pooja Anand, Corporator of KCB in presence of the members of the FLO, Pune Chapter including Dr. Aneeta Sanas, Chairperson, Usha Poonawala, Senior Vice Chairperson, Kajal Makhija, Gayatri Tiwari, and Aarti Anand.

Speaking on the distribution drive, Dr. Aneeta Sanas said, “This is one of the most difficult phases we are going through and there is a danger of community transmission of the disease. We thought by distributing the medicine, we’ll be able to restrict the spread of the disease to some extent and help the families in the Pimpri Sandas village and at Kirkee especially where there are children and senior citizens, boost their immune system and stay healthy. We also explained the process of the intake of the medicine to the families after consulting the doctor.”


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