Four-Day Diwali Celebration From Sikh Religious Society Attracts Over Two Thousand Folks

Sikh Religious Society

CHICAGO IL: Sikh Religious Society, Palatine Gurdwara organized a four-day celebration to mark the auspicious occasion of Diwali from Sunday, October 23, 2022, to Wednesday, October 26, 2022, in Palatine IL. Diwali was on Monday, October 24, 2022, and New year’s was on Wednesday, October 26, 2022. Over 2,000 people attended the beautiful Diwali celebration at Gurdwara. With Beautiful Diyas & some fireworks for display. The Sangat came from all over the Midwest/Interstate of Chicago.

The events included deepmala as well as katha and kirtan by Bhai Rajinder Singh and Jatha, Bhai Parminderjit Singh, and Bhai Inderjit Singh Khalsa.

Sikh Religious Society

The daily kirtans were followed by langar seva where hundreds of volunteers of all age groups offered their services by serving hot meals to all the attendees. This year’s Diwali Seva at the Gurdwara was hosted by Savi Singh Attal & family of Chicago.

Savi Singh son of Mr. Satwant Singh Attal SRS Palatine Gurdwara (Past President) family has been hosting Langar and doing Seva for Palatine Gurdwara for over thirty-six years and have been a prominent Sikh Family of Chicago migrated from India in the late 1970s. The entire family has committed to the Sangat for over four decades and plans of continuing the Seva and passing it on to the next generations to come. The family loves and enjoys doing Langar in Gurdwaras. Diwali Celebrations have brought religion & culture together throughout the globe.

President Jairam Singh Kahlon and Religious Secretary Tarlochan Singh Multani recognized a few members from the Sikh & Hindu Communities for Contributing $50,000 towards Repairs/Maintenance for Gurdwara. Donors were Mr. Anoop & Amita Mamtani, Mr. Savi Singh & Rupi Kaur Attal, Mr. Gulzar S. Multani, Mr. Ketu Amin, Mr. Neal Patel, and Mr. Prajesh Patel. Palatine Gurdwara needs close to 1,000,000 dollars for repairs and maintenance and will have a Fundraiser in 2023.

With God’s Blessing, the Sangat has grown in the Chicagoland area for close to 50 years. Mr. Savi S. Attal and his Family hosted the Kirtan & Langar for Diwali and will continue to do sewa for the Community.

Sikh Religious Society

Rupi Kaur has been crowned Mrs. Illinois American 2022. Rupi completed her MBA in 2013. She has had the opportunity to work with some of the top fortune 500 companies and is currently working in Corporate. She is also a Real Estate Agent affiliated with Coldwell Banker and was featured in the Chicago Agent Magazine in early 2021. A mother of two with a full-time corporate job and a Real Estate Agent, she still manages to get involved in the community and volunteers in many Organizations. Her platform is Women’s Empowerment and throughout her reign as Mrs. Illinois American, she will continue her legacy to represent her community, her State, and the Country as a whole.

Sikh Religious Society, a non-profit organization, in Palatine, Illinois was formed in 1974, and its first formal Prakash Divas (the ceremonial acceptance of Guru GRANTH Sahib {Sikh’s holy scripture/book} at this new place of worship was celebrated in 1975. The organization focuses on Sikh religious services, and Punjabi language/ Kirtan classes. Another focus of this society is on community service, charity, and other Non-Profit endeavors to promote the Punjabi culture and heritage.