Fragrance Du Bois collaborates with French Chamber of Commerce for an evening of sensory stimulation


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: When it comes to the art of perfumery, the French are, indisputably, leaders in the industry. Fragrance Du Bois recently collaborated with the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, to embark on an enjoyable and stimulating journey through the exquisite wonders of the fragrance world. The session, held on the 12th of November 2015 at Fragrance Du Bois’ flagship boutique in Singapore’s iconic Fullerton Hotel, was created for members of the chamber to network, and more importantly, to discover a fragrance that was perfect for them.

With the help of Fragrance Du Bois’ newly-launched aroma master kit, L’essence Du Bois, participants were able to better understand the structure and complexity of perfumes, as well as the fascinating history of fragrance, from its first appearance in our civilisation, all the way up to current trends in the modern industry.

The kit — modelled after wine tasting equipment such as ‘Le Nez du Vin’ — features 53 essential oils and ingredients found in Fragrance Du Bois’ creations, including Fragrance Du Bois’ 100% pure, sustainable Oud oil, sourced from award-winning plantation management company, Asia Plantation Capital.

Participants were treated to an exciting evening discovering the various steps in the formulation of a perfume, and exploring the various olfactory groups that go together in the composition of a beautifully crafted fragrance. Fragrance Du Bois has created its own ‘fragrance games’, to help in the process of distinguishing different scents and learning about their complementary nature, and they were particularly effective when educating participants on the differences between the 100% pure, natural organic Oud oil that Fragrance Du Bois uses in in all its creations, and the synthetic substance that many other perfume houses use. All participants heartily agreed that there was nothing quite like the real thing.

“At Fragrance Du Bois, part of our ethos is to educate customers about our philosophy and the importance of using sustainable ingredients,” said Nicola Parker, Brand Director, Fragrance Du Bois. “Instead of inviting customers for a talk, we believe in providing a first-hand experience in niche perfumery, making it as interactive and intriguing as possible. L’essence Du Bois kit was created for just this purpose, and we believe it’s going to make quite an impact in the industry.”

The session, attended by directors and managers of various high profile companies in Singapore, was held in small groups, to create a more personal and intimate experience for the participants. Everyone received his or her own Fragrance Du Bois perfume, selected during a personal consultation session in which an in-house Maitre Parfumeur guided the individual on a journey towards a fragrance that best matched his or her personality, using olfactory immersion and a colour fragrance wheel.

“I had such a great time discovering the brand, and all Fragrance Du Bois’ creations,” commented a participant from AXA Singapore. “It was such an eye-opener. I definitely came out of the session with more knowledge about the fragrance world, as well as some bragging rights. I highly recommend the workshop and look forward to owning my very own L’essence Du Bois kit.”

“The French Chamber of Commerce is delighted to establish a strategic partnership with Fragrance Du Bois,” said Anne Validire, Events & Promotion Manager, French Chamber of Commerce, Singapore.

“The evening was a great success and very enlightening. All our participants had such a gratifying experience during the session. Compared to previous networking sessions that have been held this year, I can say that this was definitely one of our most innovative and enjoyable. I look forward to our ongoing partnership with Fragrance Du Bois in the future.”

Fragrance Du Bois is a member of the French Chamber of Commerce, alongside other French, luxury brands in Singapore such as LVMH, Hermes, Chanel and Dior, to name but a few.

The L’essence Du Bois Kit is available in limited quantities, and is retailing at SGD 1,495.


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