Ganeshotsav Festival celebrated with utmost devotion and fervor at Forest County Society in Kharadi

Forest County Society, Kharadi

PUNE: Forest County Society located at Kharadi, Pune is celebrating the Ganeshotsav festival this year too with utmost devotion and fervor. This society has been celebrating Ganesh Festival and all other festivals since 2015. The society has more than 800 flats and 2000 residents.

Every resident especially the children eagerly awaits to be part of the Ganeshotsav festival and apart from the traditional Aarti, members and particularly children actively participate in cultural and other events that form part of this festivity.

Through Ganeshotsav and all other festivals that are celebrated at Forest County, important messages like taking care of our environment, water conservation, waste management, and the importance of keeping Society and its surroundings clean form the theme of the celebrations and are enacted through dance forms, plays and various other competitions that are held.


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