German Filmmaker, Photographer and Journalist Leona Goldstein in Pune @ Max Mueller Bhavan Pune


The German Filmmaker, journalist and photograher Leona Goldstein, born in 1976, studied art and design (in Munich), photography (in Rome) and communications design (in Berlin). 
In numerous film- and photo-documentations she questions the topics of borders, with a focus on civil rights, gender equality and migration. Her last projects document the activities of social movements in Rwanda, Cambodia, Venezuela, Burkina Faso, Mexico as well as throughout Europe. Her works were distinguished with numerous prices and scholarships.

Leona will be in Pune and shall present her film God is not working on Sunday
About the film:
Since the genocide in Rwanda, many things have changed. One of them is role of women in society. Twenty years ago, women were not allowed to talk publicly without the permission of their husbands. Today they are not only in positions of political power, but women like Godelieve and Florida organize themselves in initiatives all over the country and have built a vibrant, independent women’s network. „God Is Not Working on Sunday!“ reflects the women’s appeal to direct action at the individual and community levels. The sarcastic, rhetorical question of the film’s title conveys Florida’s belief that humans cannot simply wait for other forces – godly or governmental – to provide a better future for them.

During her tenure in Pune, she will also be present to inaugurate her photo-exhibition Liberty of Movement – A Universal Right? 
About the exhibition:
Germany has been at the forefront in receiving flows of refugees seeking sanctuary, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. 
What could be the reasons of the ever-increasing numbers refuges and escapes? 
The photography exhibition deals mainly with this very sensitive topic and the photos literally speak about “Climate change – one the main reasons for refuge or escape,” “Litter pollution and overfishing of the oceans”, “Prosecution and discrimination as reasons for refuge or escape”, “Anonymous mass grave” etc. 
Event Dates, Timings,  and Venues:
Film Screening of God is not working on Sunday
28th November 2018, 7 pm @ Max Mueller Bhavan Pune Rooftop
Exhibition Opening
28th November 2018, after the film screening @ Max Mueller Bhavan Pune 
 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm 
Apart from the film screening, Leona Goldstein shall be making a documentary film (topic: Women Empowerment) as a part of the Community Outreach Programme initiated by Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan Pune in collaboration with the NGO Helplife, Pune. 
She will also be conducting a one week long workshop on Documentary FIlmmaking for the Students of FTII in thefirst week of December 2018


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