Groww hosts ‘Ab India Karega Invest – Pune Chapter’; receives positive response from young, aspiring investors


The go-to-platform for new-age investors aims to connect with the investor community of Pune.

PUNE: Groww, a leading investment platform that allows zero commission investing in mutual funds, recently hosted ‘Ab India Karega Invest – Pune Chapter’ – an interactive event for aspiring and novice investors in Pune. The event, which saw active participation from millennial investors, was held at  Hotel Orritel on 06th March 2020.

The two-hour event covered an array of topics, ranging from benefits of mutual fund investments, dos and don’ts of investing, and the prospects of India’s burgeoning mutual fund industry. It was kick-started with seasoned investors sharing tips and tricks of mutual fund investing. This was followed by an interactive session, where participants were given a chance to ask questions and clear their doubts. The overarching idea behind this initiative was to break common investing myths and help young investors make well-informed investment decisions.

Commenting on the event’s success, Lalit Keshre, Co-founder and CEO, Groww, said, “The idea behind the inception of Groww was simple – we wanted to make investing easier, quicker and hassle-free for anyone who wants to invest. Pune was one of our key cities in Western India with almost 3,50,000 investors on Groww hailing from the city. By means of the event, we were able to interact and connect with the investor community of Pune and understand their perspectives better, which was a very fruitful experience. We are very happy with the response we got from the audience and hope to organize similar education drives in the city in the future.

The first edition of ‘Ab India Karega Invest – Pune Chapter’ witnessed a massive turnout, with hordes of people attending the event from even the outskirts of the city. As expected, millennials and Gen Z accounted for the majority of participants. The interactive session proved to be particularly fruitful as aspiring and amateur investors presented some important questions regarding mutual fund investing before the experts. Moreover, the event reflected how young working professionals in Pune are increasingly considering investing in mutual funds.