Hindi comedy drama ‘Hello Darling’on 7th May at Rang Sharda


The hilarious comedy hindi play ‘Hello Darling’ will staged on Sunday, 7th May 2017 at Rang Sharda Auditorium situated in Bandra (West), Mumbai at 7:30 p.m. The comedy play, Hello Darling, revolves around the relationship of a husband and wife. It is produced and directed by Yogesh Sanghvi on a script by Mir Munir. The play stars film Actress Sheeba, Payal Goga Kapoor,Vindu Dara Singh, Shaad Randhawa & Sonia Birje.

There are five characters in this drama play. Bhanu and Anita are the married couple at the centre of everything. They own a country holiday home and have decided to get away for the weekend. But there’s more to this decision than meets the eye. Bhanu invites long-time friend Deepak along. This pleases Anita as she is secretly having an affair with Deepak behind Bhanu’s back. However, Bhanu is certainly no innocent either. He has invited his vivacious and beautiful girlfriend, Laalsa, along as well and has lined Deepak up to pretend to be Laalsa’s lover to avoid raising any suspicions in Anita’s mind and allow the two of them to spend time together, right under Anita’s nose. He has also made elaborate preparations to celebrate Laalsa’s birthday. However, he forgets to tell Deepak about this prior to his arrival and so Deepak is quite nervous right throughout the play as he struggles to cope with the constantly changing storylines and lies that Bhanu creates throughout the evening.Watch what transpires through this comedy of errors.

Hello Darling defines the sensitiveness in the relation of a couple of not being a tyrant and at the same time not to betray. The play takes you on a roller-coaster ride and tickles your ribs till the hilt with power-packed performances of all the 5 film actors. With each play being staged at various places some changes in the script, dialogue and actors are being made to give it a fresh feel and look.



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