Home Ministry cancels FCRA licences of over 1K NGOs


New Delhi: In the biggest ever crackdown against erring NGOs operating in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, the Union Home Ministry has cancelled the FCRA licences of 1,142 organisations after they failed to respond to the show-cause notice issued in October last year.

The NGOs receiving foreign funds are registered under the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) and are required to submit annual report in Form FC-6, accompanied by an income and expenditure statement, receipt and payment account, balance sheet, etc for every financial year beginning on the 1st day of April within nine months of the closure of the financial year.

The Home Ministry said that 1,441 NGOs in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh had not filed the mandatory annual returns in FC-6 for the period 2009-2010, 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 within the prescribed period. Subsequently, notices were served on October 16, 2014, to respond within 30 days from the date of the show-cause notice.

“Out of the notices issued to 1,441 associations in erstwhile AP, reply from 299 associations has been received which are being examined. 510 notices were returned by the postal authorities undelivered for reasons such as, the association has shifted from the address, no such association etc. No reply has been received from the remaining 632 NGOs,” The Home Ministry letter sent to the RBI and the concerned District Magistrates said, adding that the registration of 1,142 NGOs has been cancelled by the Centre for violating Section 18, Rule 17 (1) of the FCRA, 2011.

Among the 1,142 NGOs, FCRA licence of Osmania University, University of Hyderabad at Gachibowli, Xene Evangelical Mission, Godavari, Avenir Socirty, Kurnool, Bhagwan Sri Bala Saibaba Central trust etc have been cancelled.


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