Honda heralds the ‘Next Fun motorcycling Revolution’ in India


Pune: Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) – the only two-wheeler company of Honda in India, today unleashed a ‘Fun Motorcycle revolution’ here introducing 5 new models panning all segments at the Honda RevFest 2015 conducted today.

Speaking at the Honda RevFest 2015, Mr. Keita Muramatsu- President & CEO, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd, said,
“Today, we showcase not only one but a total of 5 new motorcycles. The RevFest is much more than a celebration. It marks the beginning of fun motorcycling in India. The 5 new models introduced today epitomize Honda’s motorsport DNA and its challenging spirit. The team at Honda has worked very hard to realise a dream of making a 16 Valve, In-line-Four cylinder motorcycle right here in India. The Made in India CBR 650F opens a window of opportunity for us. We are ready for the next level & this is one moment we all are proud of.”

Mr. Y. S. Guleria, Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd, said,
“We at Honda believe that THIS IS IT! It’s time to come out of the base camp, time to connect with vibrant youth of India and rev-up the motorcycle market in India. Our customers will discover the ‘Joy of Riding with 5 new motorcycles across 5 segments – the CBR 650F, CB Hornet, LIVO as well as the new CBR 250R and 150R. You also witnessed the first-look of yet-another motorcycle, our 15th product of the year 2015; all of them are going to drive the next growth-curve for Honda in India.”

Riding in the ultimate sports touring machine – Honda CBR 650F was none other than the Action King of Bollywood and Honda Brand Ambassador – Akshay Kumar. Sharing his passion for motorcycling and association with Honda, Akshay Kumar said,
“With Revfest, Honda has today brought the entire auto-industry to a standstill. All eyes are on Honda – not only as the World’s No. 1 motorcycle maker, but as the Only manufacturer that has unleashed the power to customers at such a grand scale. During my 3 years of association with Honda, I have seen how technologies developed for the track are incorporated in the motorcycles we ride in India. After riding the CBR 650F today, all I can say is the next bike in my garage is going to be Honda CBR 650F.”

Youth icon and actress- Taapsee Pannu, who recently came on board as Honda brand ambassador challenged gender stereotypes by riding in the new CBR 250R and added,
“I am fascinated by this grand launch event and very excited to try my hands on the new bikes introduced today. The thrill of revving up the ignition is something that can only be felt, not described. As a rider and a Honda fan myself, I just can’t wait to ride on these wonders on wheels. But it is the CB Hornet which is catching my special attention.”

The Honda RevFest 2015, held simultaneously across 8 centers – New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Indore and Ahmedabad has created huge frenzy among motorcycle enthusiasts all over the country. With more than 7.7 lakh page views, more than 25000 lucky participants had registered to be a part of this event. While another 10 million viewers tuned in through the webcast witnessed history unfold at the Honda RevFest 2015.

Most-awaited motorcycle of 2015 – Honda CBR 650F debuts in India
Honda’s 650cc middle weight sports model, first of Honda’s premium ‘Make-in-India’ tourer motorcycles, features sleek, sporty style, 16 valve DOHC in-line 4 cylinder, 6 gearbox engine; and can be enjoyed for wide range of uses including touring and sports riding.

High Class compact Engine
The 649cc 16-valve inline 4 cylinder engine delivers smooth and easy performance even at an rpm as low as 4000. The impeccable engine is best tuned to churn out max [email protected] 11000 rpm. Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) operates with information from 4 separate throttle body sensors on 32mm throttle bores for crisp & accurate throttle response.

Pure racing spirit -> Double overhead camshaft engine provides (DOHC)
The Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) provides precise power & pick up in line with Honda’s 60 years of pure racing legacy. The 16 valves are placed in V-shape in DOHC layout. This provides space to place the spark plug right in the middle at the top of piston which improves combustion.

Inside the Beast -> Twin Spar Steel Frame
The strong yet lightweight frame easily accommodates all engine parts to maintain that desired compactness. The steel frame provides comfort against bad roads in everyday street riding.

Pure Digital Electronics -> Honda Ignition Security System (H.I.S.S)
CBR 650F comes with Honda Ignition Security System (H.I.S.S) – a proprietary electronic anti-theft device that automatically disables engine starting by means of electronic control. The moment rider removes the ignition key – H.I.S.S. switches-on; providing an effective amulet to ward off theft.

Pure Digital Electronics -> Digital Meter Console
The well-articulated meter is styled to accentuate the sports look of CBR 650F. It displays crystal clear information on the go with major highlights – Digital Speedometer, Digital Bar Tachometer, Dual Trip Meter, Digital Bar Fuel Gauge and a Digital Clock.

Brighter & Bolder look!
The Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) inspired racing Red, White and Blue tri-color paint provides a finishing flourish. Ultra-premium headlight of CBR 650F has aggressive appeal which sits perfectly on the beast. Its white LED position lamps outline the headlamp elegantly. All CBR 650F parts are shaped to perfection. Precise LED tail light and winkers give majestic look at the rear.

Split Six Spoke Wheels with Racing Inspired Treads on tyres
A real sports bike never settles with anything skinny. It needs mass. CBR 650F has 180mm wide tyre at rear which leaves behind all bikes in its class.

Double Petal Disc Brakes with ABS
Epitomizing advance technology– the 320mm double disc brakes in front and 240mm hydraulic disc at the rear, complements the twin front discs and the ABS which comes as a standard fitment for plenty of stopping power.

Clip-On Handle bars
Clip-On handle bars adds sportiness to the bike’s character. In CBR650F, the handle bars help rider lean more on the bike & distribute overall body weight which enhances steering ability… easily cutting the traffic to make way!

Mono Shock Suspension
The mono shock maintains the center of mass. It lets the street sports thrill never go out of your mind. The single point absorber, makes high speed turns go without fear. It also offers 7-stage spring preload adjustment and operates directly on the swing arm.

Sporty Muffler with 4-2-1 exhaust
Short & sporty muffler compliments CBR 650F sports design appeal. The perfectly crafted exhaust maintains the mass centralization. Further, the evocative right side-swept 4-2-1 exhaust (optimizes exhaust gas flow and decreases turbulence) makes your beast give the perfect growl!

Six Speed Transmission
Smooth, nearly seamless shifts and more gear ratios match the way rider wants to ride. In fact, these are two of the many characteristics that make this Honda so much fun to ride.

Engine Cooling
Coolant flow path in CBR 650F is configured in accordance with the compactness of engine. Internal liquid channeling from cylinder head to cylinders does away with a great deal of exterior hoses (normally required) and a proper operating temperature is maintained for ultimate performance.

To provide a premium experience of world-class standards to discerning CBR 650F customers, Honda has invested in exclusive sales-service network of elite ‘Wing World’ dealerships across 12 cities in addition to the 2 existing Wing World showrooms.


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